Meanwhile, one of the Twins begins budding a Warbuxx, which is a process like pregnancy but involves crystals jutting from his swollen abdomen. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. In the end, the Mistress realizes she doesn’t need a man to be complete, and decides to give Superjail back to the Warden and leave to start her new lifestyle as a sexually liberated hippie. A cloning experiment in Superjail causes a mass riot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Blood and gore flow freely as the characters engage in extremely brutal combat; scenes include dismemberment, impalement, and more. The newlyweds ride off in a makeshift carriage with the sentiment “Just Gaymaryed” painted on the back.

The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. When an inmate becomes a daddy, Superjail’s population explodes. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. The Warden is put on trial for his future crimes. I watch this show, and I enjoy it. An accident leaves Jared and many prisoners injured, so the Warden hatches a organ donation plan. It’s up to Alice to save the day by fulfilling the Mistress’ sexual urges. After he mistreats her, she dumps him and he returns to his old inmate status.

When a pirate radio station hits Superail, the Warden fights back with some programming of his own.

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There are almost no women in the jail’s world, and several scenes suggest homosexual behavior using watcj images — including violent jailhouse encounters and group sex. Blood and gore flow freely as the characters engage in extremely brutal combat; scenes include dismemberment, impalement, and more.

The Warden is arrested by waatch time police for the future crime of declaring war on the rest of the world. Archived from the original on July 7, After Ash ends the invasion with a massive explosion, the last member of the Superjail Six returns to the Jail. Superjail inmates Jean and Paul are getting married and the Warden is acting as the wedding planner.


The Warden must rise to the occasion to take back Superjail. Apparently there were six dangerous inmates known as the Superjail Six during Superjail’s early years that managed to escape from prison and make it into the badlands around the jail. Who determines where “the line” falls in the first place?

Yes, this show is not good for your little kiddies. Retrieved from ” https: When Jailbot begins to have technical problems to that point that he busts Jacknife out of prison in the opening creditsJared decides to replace him with a new, highly-advanced robot: The annual Superjail Grand Prix is held, with the winner being offered their freedom from the prison. The Warden runs a magic show until he has problems when his ventriloquist dummy becomes the star of their show.

The afterlife is filling up fast-but there’s always room for one more.

Arms, legs, and heads are severed. Continue reading Show less. One guard character appears to be either a man in drag or a transsexual; the show doesn’t specify, but it does base some plotlines on Alice’s mysterious sexuality.

How would you describe its target audience? Jared accidentally knocks the Warden out and must learn how to run Superjail himself.


When an inmate becomes a daddy, Superjail’s population explodes. Few actual swear words, though there are plenty of sexually suggestive phrases. Is it any good? Jared and Alice wouldn’t bet on it. Season 1 Welcome to the most insane jail on the planet and home watvh Earth’s worst criminals. The jail setting also has plenty of sexually charged images often involving stereotypically gay charactersincluding nudity, violent sex, group sex, and one female character with such obviously male traits that she’s either a transsexual or in drag — her ambiguous sexuality makes some other characters lust after her.

The Warden is astonished by one of the fake articles and believes that watcn favorite childhood monster, “Manglefang” may be lurking in Superjail. The Warch plans to dress the prisoners in bunny suits, but the Twins interfere with the purchase order, making half of the order wolf suits. Planet Radio Ssuperjail Episode S 3: Jailbot is consigned to a basement room where he meets up with previous versions of jailbots. In scene after scene, characters attack each other a wide variety of lethal weapons.


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The Warden, with the help of a disfigured inmate named Ash, continue their arson spree across Superjail. The Warden recruits her after a guard training session ends with her being the only survivor, then he falls in love with her. The Warden is put on trial for his future crimes. His plans backfire when Sharice blindly ignores his advances, leading The Doctor to create a Frankenstein-style clone of her with slutty tendencies.

In the end he goes crazyand convinces himself he is Jailbot. Parents need to know that this hyper-violent cartoon definitely isn’t meant for kids. Superfail Full Episode S 3: Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

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When Stingray learns of this story from libks of the older inmates, he supejail out with Prison Peedee’s help to drive Warden back into his depression. Son of the Bronx. The Triplets arrive on Earth in response, and in a fit of rage they make every fake article ever written in the tabloid including Manglefang, to Warden’s delight manifest in reality resulting in chaos and the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Superjail.

The Warden, however, loves Jailbot 2. He then proceeds to fail miserably at the new position. When the Warden learns of the plans, he and Alice intervene, taking over the finer details of the wedding with excitement and fervor.

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