I feel the issue of migrant laborers is not [limited] to India. The hotel manager further suspects the relationship between them as Nawazuddin and Kamala don’t appear as a normal Husband and wife. The beauty of that space is just so magnificent the only way to see the real beauty is to experience it yourself by being out there, but we shot it on film so that we can have that full, beautiful cinemascope feel. It was important for the people to understand where this woman comes from and as the landscape and the terrain changes, how the attitude of the people change around them. The short really helped me as a filmmaker because it went to a lot of competitions and won three international awards, so it was a morale booster for me. There were a lot of challenges along the way. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nawazuddin then helps them get on the bus and trains and also pays for Kamala’s goat but Kamala has to pay him for that.

Explores the life of each family member and how their lives are intertwined with each other. Those were my concerns and also the fact that I was pregnant while filming. The film is Geetu’s feature film debut with the film; she had previously made the short film, Kelkkunndo, in , which received wide acclaim. The film follows Kamala, a young woman from Chitkul village and her girl child Manya, who embarks on a journey leaving their native land in search for her missing husband. I wonder what she has learned and what he earned from this trip. On the other hand, there’s some beautiful scenery, especially early on, and an interesting, uncomfortable, prickly relationship between the protagonists.

I just explained the situation and storyline to them. Geography plays a big role in the narration of the film in a very quiet way. Geetu talks to HT in a candid coversation.

Both then meet again in the train station. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. You must be logged in to post a comment. There is another story which is carried forward about this woman in search of her missing husband.

geethj Archived from the original on 21 March I honestly believed all they should know is the skeleton of the film and then give me what they think is required from the scenes. The child role is played by a girl who now is 4.


Interview: Geethu Mohandas on the Roll of “Liar’s Dice” – The Moveable Fest

Overall, it’s a solid watch, with Geetu Mohandas proving herself to be a female director to watch out for. Liar’s Dice screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Mlhandas was a very organic way of making this film. From the outside we saw a road movie through various landscapes in a series of provinces of India that we pass, eventually winding up in New Delhi.

Stephen Saito Stephen Saito is an L.

Geethu Mohandas’s Liar’s Dice Gets An Oscar Nomination!

Geethanjali Thapawho played the lead role, won the National Film Award for Best Actress, for her performance in the movie. Oct 19, The film follows Kamala, a young ,ohandas from Chitkul village and her girl child Manya, who embarks on a journey leaving their native land in search for her missing husband.

This movie doesn’t deserve that poster. Directed, written by Geetu Mohandas.

‘Liar’s Dice’ Review: Geeta Mohandas’ Quietly Effective Debut – Variety

Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. How To Train Your Dragon: Sometimes you just need to have a vision for these films, a knowledge about world cinema and about the platforms gethu it could have. Glad that it finally made it to Netflix.

A father obsessed with an old school copying machine wreaks havoc on the family, causing a change in their relationships. I want to tell real human stories, something mohamdas would have gone through if you were traveling through that terrain.

Along this journey she encounters Nawazudin, a free spirited army deserter who helps them to get to their destination with his own selfish motive.

Nawazuddin then again tell her that he has to look for her and goes out leaving his bag.

Mohancas McAlex, with the experience of line producing small budget independent films such as FrozenHarudalso helmed the production of the film. It’s made in a very arthouse style, with more emphasis on show than tell. Now I will concentrate on direction. The canvas of the film stretches from a small village on the mountains called Chitkulwhich borders China, to the industrial land of big dreams, Delhi. The film is Geetu’s feature film debut with the film; she had previously made getehu short film, Kelkkunndo, inwhich received wide acclaim.


Apart from men bothering women underway, there are the extra dangers in the form of several borders they have to cross. All three main characters woman, man and child are perfectly casted and perform very well in their respective roles. So tribal woman Kamala leaves her village with her daughter and goat in search of her missing husband, a construction worker. Without induced empathy for the characters, even good acting doesn’t affect.

Once again, just causes, rather than great cinema, dominate the mojandas of [ So mohandaas fights with the management before fleeing from them. Then, inmy minute short film Kelkkunnundo Are You Listening came out, with a world premiere in Rotterdam.

Kamala [the wife of a migrant labour], her daughter, a goat and a stranger are the main characters. The show kicks off with [ Young Biniya lives a poor lifestyle in a small village in the mountainous and snowy region of Himachal Pradesh in India along with her widowed mom and wrestler brother. Edit Did You Know? He desperately searches for them and he finally during the night finds her with her daughter.

It never looked like a movie. The film itself has a neverending journey and the desert would have only brought about more mundaneness whereas the mountains gave the film more life.

Kamala, a young mother from a tribal community, her three-year-old daughter, and her daughter’s pet goat embark on a journey l of her missing husband. The film follows Kamala, a young woman from Chitkul village and her girl child Manya, who embarks on a journey leaving their native land in search for her missing husband. Liar’s Dice is a Hindi road movie written and directed by Geetu Mohandas and starring Geetanjali Thapa and Nawazuddin Siddiqui[1] Telling the story of a young mother from a remote village who, going in search of her missing husband, goes missing, the film examines the human cost of migration to cities and the exploitation of migrant workers.

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