Amma ji says fine, do as you want, but kick me out of this house first. Vijay , composed C. Over the years, Vani passes out as a successful Lawyer and gets married to Bhoominathan Venu Arvind , a granite businessman, while Rani gets married to Bhoominathan’s stepbrother, Swaminathan Babloo Prithiveeraj , a popular restaurant owner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After some turns of events, Sanjay plans to murder Swaminathan and Rani. So, Akilandeswari wanted to take revenge against Vani and Rani family. Madhvi calls out Sagar and Ganga. This is first longest serial of Radaan Mediaworks.

He hugs her and says promise, I will not leave you. However, problems continue to haunt them in the form of a vengeful Angayarkanni and Jyothi and Kadhir, a local don who has his vengeance against Saravanan. Amma ji says puppy made my temple impure, take him out. Then Akilandeswari and Sudhakar started a new plan with the help of Neela and Sanjay. Ganga says he is ill, he will catch cold, what if other dogs beat him. C Ravi Episodes A.

Amma ji says Mehru told me, what did you did this house.

Amma ji scolds Ganga for bringing this puppy and making abshagun at home. Surya and also Dimple wanted to divorce each other several times, but at the end, Vani was able to bring back eppisode together. At that time the evidence that Sanjay was the murder of Angayarkanni which was kept in a doll is taken away by Riya and finally the evidence reaches Swaminathan and Rani.

She asks him to open door, how will puppy stay alone. You say amm often that you will leave me, I love you. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. GP tried killing Kathir but finally got arrested by Gautham.

Amma Naa Kodala Serial Episode 818 (29th July 2017)

Views Read Edit View history. Newer Post Older Post Home. Janani was murdered by Sudhakar, Akilandeswari’s brother but he made Vani as the victim. She calls out Niru and Maharaj ji.


Seetha 04/12/ | Seetha December 04 Episode Malayalam TV Serial Flowers TV

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Eipsode broadcast by Sun TV. I told you no animal will come inside, how did Ganga bring. But Akhilandeshwari tries to kill Vaani by an lorry accident. They look for him everywhere.

It was remade in three different languages. Sagar feels cold and coughs. Sagar says no Dadi, I permitted Ganga to bring puppy home. She asks him to promise, he will never leave her whatever happens. Amma ji goes to her room.

Meanwhile, Selvi falls in love and under dire circumstances,marries Rajesh Guhan Shanmugam with only Vani as a chance witness, causing a rift in the family, and their eventual separation, resulting in Vani and Rani to get separated.

Madhvi calls out Sagar and Ganga. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile in Australia, Swaminathan had a relationship with kokila who actually died.

Chandrika treats her like own daughter Bhavani who died by jumping from the hill and she never wanted to give back Thenu to Rani. The title song was written by lyricist Pa. Amma ji says sorry Jiji, I did not believe you, tell me who else knew this. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Her jealous aunt Krishnaveni Nalini wanted to amuse his wealth which was given by kokila’s dad, with the help of Jessy who looks like kokila.

He asks her to scold him. Here ,after hearing the situation of Raani, Vani faints.

Sakthisree Gopalan Dharshini Kaushik Menon. Niru asks Amma ji to forgive them, they are kids. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 2: Ganga asks Maharaj not to take puppy. Episodde TV television series Tamil-language television soap operas Tamil Nadu drama television series Tamil romance television series Tamil thriller television series Tamil crime television series Tamil-language television series debuts s Tamil-language television series Tamil-language television programs Television series about twins Tamil-language television series endings.


Amma ji says they ruined my Dharm. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks or boxesmisplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Tamil script. She shows Maharaj ji the puppy and asks him to take it out.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Niru asks who got akma. He holds her hand and asks what is she hiding, she is not fighting today. Akilandeswari helped her and started blackmailing Rani and forced her smuggle drugs but finally with the help of Rani and Vani, Thenu regained her memory. He asks what is she asking, he is hers.

Sagar asks Dadi not to do this. Rivalry started between Vani and Akilandeswari Mamilla Shailaja Priya because of Surya’s relationship with her daughter Janani Priya during college days. Raghavan Directed by O. Then due to rage of Gautham killing Arya, GP vows to destroy Vaani’s family and that will lead Pooja’s uncle Kathir to revenge GP by mysteriously killing GP’s henchmen and trying to destroy his businesses and his criminal network.

Kadhir turns into a good man after Pooja’s marriage. Sagar says we will go as we always used to go.

Ratan asks Prabha what happened, and sees her extremely lost. So, Akilandeswari wanted to take revenge against Vani and Rani family.

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