He believes that expressing an appreciation of the work of the actor Jude Law is a failsafe method of seduction. One Born Every Minute 8 Series. Who Dares Wins Series Talkback Thames —11 Retort Retrieved 13 November I just wish it was a hour sic long!!! Come Dine with Me Series Rivals from the Croydon branch come in to complain at Sutton’s workers.

She considers herself to be underappreciated and her talents undervalued, yearning for more responsibility and higher status within the team, but when she is briefly given some authority, she is largely ignored. With more pressure than ever to sell and mis-sell , the staff of PhoneShop need to be completely focussed and at the top of their game. However, the dates he does go on inevitably end badly; on one occasion he dates an aggressively deranged female soldier who quickly terrifies him into running away. Fresh Meat Box Set Series Initially scorned and treated as the butt of various jokes and mockery by Jerwayne and Ashley, he gradually settles into his role and integrates into the team successfully. Lance idolises his former staff member to the point of almost seeing him as a messianic figure; prior to his imprisonment, Gary was Sutton branch’s perpetual ‘Employee of the Month,’ revered for his extraordinary ability to sell mobile phone contracts to the public no matter how ridiculously poor value or inflexible, nor how violently and abusively he treated customers. But will he pass his one day trial?

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Jerwayne and Ashley teach him the tricks of the trade. Cardinal Burns Series Ashley is extremely sensitive about his growing bald patch and expresses fears that he is becoming unattractive to younger women because of it.


Seven Year Phojeshop Australia Series 1. Walking the Nile Series 1.

Ackley Bridge Series 1. New recruit Christopher is on the notorious one-day trial. Jimmy Carr hosts the show as captain….

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Yes No Report this. PhoneShop is a British sitcom that was first broadcast on Channel 4 as a television pilot on 13 Novemberas part of the channel’s Comedy Showcase season of comedy pilots.

She has a low opinion of Lance’s staff, referring to Ashley as a “Shithouse” and Christopher as a “Creepy little cunt. Peep Show Series Edit Storyline The antics of the dysfunctional staff of Sutton branch of a mobile phone retailer. No Offence Series Indian Summers Series Retrieved 9 February Moz is a drug dealer and has very strange clientele who come and go from his flat. Shameless Box Set Series Jerwayne 19 episodes, Martin Trenaman It is explained in a humiliating address by the contemptuous manager of the Croydon branch that Lance was once a promising young company executive with the potential to be a great success, but that in the s made the foolish decision to invest heavily in phonecards rather than the emerging mobile technology that would go on to change the face of the communications business.

We no longer support this version of Internet Explorer. I just wish it was a hour sic long!!!

The Lens Series 1. Janine attempts to impress Lance in the hope he will choose her as his new assistant manager due to the departure of Little Gary Patel.

Unfortunately the staff innocently eat most of them. Raised by Wolves Series Father Ted Series Retrieved 28 July Episode 2 Sun 17 Feb, 12am. Jerwayne 19 episodes, Drop the Dead Donkey Series phonwshop Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy Series phoneship A mockumentary series about a group of failed MCs from West London and their passion for pgoneshop radio. Not Safe for Work Series 1. The programme had been commissioned a full series on digital channel E4 before the pilot was broadcast.


But will he pass his one day trial? Christopher goes full-time at PhoneShop, and Ashley and Jerwayne attempt to teach him some tricks of the trade along the way Skins Box Set Series Highlights, interviews and analysis from expert pundits of Saturday’s English Premier League football matches.

Seven Year Switch Australia Series 1. Dead Set Series 1.

Come Dine with Me Series 44od This Is England 88 Series 1. No Offence Series Turning miscommunication into an art-form, the Fonejacker is a man on a mission. Janine is the lowliest member of staff at the shop, running the much derided “Pay As You Go” section.

Misfits Box Set Series Christopher 19 episodes, Andrew Brooke For more information visit our FAQs. Magnifica 70 Series 1. Series 3 Episode 1: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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