Tiger Sibiya unknown episodes. Cande 07 Jul Tiger uses the balance of the money to support Nina’s ideas to revamp the tavern with a strategic eye for making the most of the upcoming World Cup. Arms 08 Jul Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! His only rule — no drugs are to be sold in Zone Sizwe secretly plots to weaken the foundations of the Sibiyas by reinventing himself as a “man of God” and working to win over the community by restoring his good name and legitimising his business practice. On a mission to prove Tiger wrong, he sets about building a new team that will crush the Stella Stars.

In the meantime, Pinky’s relationship with Sgonondo is the catalyst for her to go on an emotional journey that takes her back to her childhood and forces her to confront the abuse that she experienced at the hands of her father. The fans live, dream and eat soccer – provide the energy, passion and heart no matter what. Audible Download Audio Books. Publicly he denounces Stella and Digger’s drug empire, however when he realises that drugs will be sold in Zone 14 by someone else, he decides to take matters into his hands. There are personal hopes and dreams threatened daily by the realities of survival – dreams of education, careers and families, some successful and some never realised. Tiger regards Austin as a God-send and he signs a sponsorship deal, but what Tiger doesn’t know is that he’s being set up by Sizwe, as Austin is Duke’s boss. Sledge succeeds in getting Zonke to take performance enhancers and when Sizwe tips off the authorities, Zonke fails an anti-doping test. When Pinky sees a photo of her father in Tiger’s office, she makes the connection that he is the man tormenting her dreams.


First Look: Zone 14 Season 3

But Sizwe denies the allegations, and states that Nandi was not an innocent in their sexual encounter. Sizwe “miraculously” arose from his wheelchair and walked to the tavern where he declared to a shocked Tiger and Nandi that he wanted access to his daughter, Lebo.

Edit My Account Settings. SAFA sabd1 alerted that Mba’s working visa is forged and he is prevented from playing. The full cast list now live on the Zone 14 Season 3 Show Page The soccer team, The Tiger Boys, has fought its way up the 2nd division and is tipped to win the league and move into 1st division. Bazooka unknown episodes Fezile Makhanya Penny Moloi unknown episodes Charity Sehlohole When the allegations prove unfounded, Sizwe doctors Sonja’s identity document so that it states she is a minor, cadt Loyiso is charged with statutory rape.

Jungle unknown episodes Tshepo Ngwane Nandi pleads with Tiger not to kill Sizwe – she just wants him to admit that he raped her.

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Thts a gud move, i cant w8t. Mamokete, Fats and Mpumie from rhythm city are not returning? Palesa Moloi unknown episodes Sindi Khambule Together Pinky and Maradona are both able to move on with their lives. Tiger uses the sbc1 of the money to support Nina’s ideas to revamp the tavern with a strategic eye for making the most of the upcoming World Cup.

It is cold and i am tired everyday. Nandi Sibiya unknown episodes Craig Palm This secret is the perfect ammunition for Stella to get back at Tiger. Season 2 A year has passed in Zone 14 and much has changed; but the feud between the Molois and the Sibiyas still rages on in the battle for control of aabc1 in Zone They know every detail, every story, every goal and every failure.

This David and Goliath battle comes to a head when the two teams face each other on the field in a Vodocom league fixture match.


Cande 07 Jul Digger Moloi unknown episodes. To Tiger’s surprise Sizwe makes an impromptu offer to the Tiger Boys before the game. Survivor is at 8 and zone 14 at 8: Aided by his deadly apprentice, Sledge, Sizwe makes a deal with a drug dealer, Duke, which positions his funeral parlour at the axis of a lucrative distribution network.

All player’s hearts are set on joining the Premier League. A nervous S’khalo sneaks into the Sibiya house to collect his possessions but when King finds him, a physical confrontation ends in tragedy.

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Tiger finally reveals the truth to King that Stella blackmailed him. King continues to inspire the team to greater heights. As the series drives towards its mid-point the divide between the rival families and teams grows deeper. On a mission to prove Tiger wrong, he sets about building a new team that will crush the Stella Stars. Isaac, a businessman, needs a partner to invest in a big zoone and is attracted to Tiger’s soccer pedigree and tavern business. Mba’s working visa is renewed, Zonke gets a suspended sentence and Loyiso’s case is thrown out of court when it is discovered that Sonja lied about her age.

A fight ensues and S’khalo stabs his father. Will the Sibiya family survive the terrible secret that has been unearthed after 25 years?

An emotional Nandi confronts Nina about her regrets for keeping Nina’s secret from King andtells Tiger that she refuses to attend the game.

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