Meanwhile, Fleur, Grantly’s wife, finally learns the truth about their gambling debts and takes her own drastic course of action to repair things. As a former bully Rachel is convinced a trip to a prison could give him and his friends the scare they need. It seems like it was only yesterday we were sat in front of our tellies watching the likes of Donte Charles pursue Chlo Grainger. Three different box sets of the third series were released. Meanwhile, Chlo is wracked with guilt after sleeping with Brett, and whilst Donte plans a romantic surprise for her, she cannot resist Brett’s advances. Use dmy dates from November Pages using deprecated image syntax. First appearance of Stuart Hordley.

As a former bully It’s music to Eddie’s ears when Stuart offers an office junior’s job for the best candidate at the afternoon’s interviews. It doesn’t take long for them to be at loggerheads, the tension growing as she introduces her plans for a ‘Business Enterprise College’. Steph tells Jack he should tell Davina about their fling if his marriage is to start well. However, he’s dealt a bitter blow in the shape of Rachel Mason, the newly appointed Head Teacher. When Mika Lauren Drummond tells her she never wants to see her again, Chlo runs away to Manchester, but this only causes more trouble for her and the Graingers, who are already struggling following the death of their mother. Matt patches things up with Colin but is surprised to learn his mother knew about him all along. Meanwhile, the pressure is taking its toll on Jack.

After a six year stint on the show Chelsee went on to perform in Stricty and finished the dancing comp as a runner-up. Meanwhile, Jack takes Davina out for lunch.

Grantly is even waterlpo curmudgeonly than usual when he’s asked to supervise Waterloo Road’s bad boys alongside minxy duo Aleesha Dillon and Danielle Harker to cater for the Governors’ Choo lunch. Afterwards Rachel shows him that he has been had and the whole was an exercise in scaring the boys straight.

Elsewhere, Grantly’s gambling debt spirals out of control.

Waterloo Road: What are these iconic stars up to now?

Andrew Trenemanhaving played Deputy Head in the first two series, was replaced by Neil Morrissey who was cast in the role of Eddie Lawson. Steph is further annoyed when Grantly,who amazes everybody at his skill on the dance floor whilst teaching ballroom,asks her to partner him at the overs dance championships.


Immigration officers arrive at the school,looking for Shaman Azizi,whose family is in a detention centre awaiting deportation back to Iran. His views of prison remain positive even when Matt is injured by a violent prisoner. Rachel’s anxious about which construction firm will win the bid for Waterloo Road’s new training centre — she must back blackmailer Stuart Hordley’s bid or her past will be revealed.

Elsewhere, Auditions for the school musical are underway, giving Aleesha the opportunity to play a cruel trick on Karla. Matt patches things up with Colin but is surprised to learn his mother knew about him all along.

Janeece declares that she and supply teacher Wilson Bingham are in love,and he secretly returns her affection whilst asking her to tell nobody else.

However after he has had sex with her in a hotel he dumps her and it turns out that he is an impostor who preys on young girls and who assumed the real Wilson’s identity waterlo claim his latest conquest. Jason Merrells starred in the first six episodes of the third series, annd leaving the show. The loud mouth brunette schoolgirl had it in for Donte in the first series following Adam’s death. Rachel however gives an impassioned speech,regretting her past and winning the support of staff and pupils alike.

Rachel wants to call the police but Eddie talks them down though Tom is injured and Mika is devastated. Jasmine is having the day from hell. And, Grantly is desperate to hide his money troubles for his wife. They think the kids aren’t under any real pressure because the exams are annd no way as difficult as when they were at school, so Eddie asks them to serise an exam themselves. Whilst Davina makes progress with Karla Jasmine is concerned that newly-orphaned pupil Paul Langley is being abused and makes her concerns known to Steph.

Tom finally locates Chlo,who is living with a couple who encourage her to steal,and brings her home. By the end of the day, he finds himself turning to Steph for comfort. Eddie learns that Rachel is a former prostitute and accuses her of sleeping with Hordley for the contract,which roas denies.


Rachel is bemused when developer Donfe Hordley shows up and makes a plea to reinstate his bid to build Waterloo Road’s training centre. However Jack’s resolute championing of Ben and efforts to persuade him to stay impress Davina and they get engaged.

The pupils warm to the idea and enjoy playing at being entrepreneurs though Mika,still upset at Chlo’s disappearance,gets drunk and throws up in front of Rachel,who is surprisingly sympathetic. The cheating is exposed,leading to the suspension of Grantly,who kept quiet about it. Meanwhile, Darren Andd Snr asks Davina out as a thank-you for helping his son.

And, At Tom’s, the sexual tension overwhelms Tom and Davina who end up in bed together — and Mika catches them. Meanwhile, Brett is left reeling when Mika tells him that she is pregnant. But what dark secret of Rachel’s is Stuart hiding? As Mika continues to reject Brett the school sits its mock exams with Eddie challenging the teachers to sit the papers.

Davnina’s flattered, but she is still harbouring feelings for Tom. Rachel wants rid of Stuart, but he quickly dotne himself culo especially with Eddie. When immigration officers arrive at Waterloo Road, Rachel learns that Sameen Azizi’s family are being held in a detention centre and are due to be deported to Iran later that day. See also TV Schedule.

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Sameen has escaped dknte centre and hid at the school, after her mother begged her to flee and finish her education in England. Chlo isn’t happy with the idea, but is delighted when Brett offers to help. First appearance of Rachel Mason.

Due to copyright issues, some music is unavailable on the DVD release in all regions.

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