However, it directly provides links to streaming video sharing websites that are made available and viewable through its own search. Down load the Aries Wizard has all the current working builds. With the shutting down of Alluc, all links on the site now no longer work. You should get your tv time. So at least I can watch my old favorite TV shows when I want to. A friend mentioned they had a firestick and all that it could do. But from what I read, is to be patient.

It includes user ratings and details of each movie, which makes it easier for you to select the right movie to watch. I have a FireTV stick…. This one is not very user friendly. Zen, Exodus and Bob are awesome. It was only a problem with the one show every other one seemed ok. After the addition of global scrappers they are unbeatable. How to fix this issue.

Best Kodi Sports Addons Kodi Sports Add-ons often dont work as well as other plugins since the content is usually live. I purchased my stick last week. I am not a master alkuc the technical things.

Hopefully MrKnow will fix it soon. Then again there are always answers on the internet. All are feath and top quality. I am nearly always pro prosecution and in favor of the death penalty, so being so disturbed by a case like this is something new to me.

Is Dead, Here Are Top 3 Alternatives | Copy Paste Programmers

Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality. Exodus 8 is my backup when I need one. Its not a direct replacement and requires some patience.

I must be blind because it is not in the list… allyc come??? It is true most of the addons in the list are very similar. Prooof Neptune, but it would just freeze up when looking for the links, and not work at all, on firestick.


Is there an Exodus version or fork somewhere which would restore the old sources? The addon I always go to is Release Hub. If so what addon are available that do not use fusion? My problem is minor. The whole bunch of them can go straight to hell.

Movie section tjen ypi need to go to skin settings find set addons for movies if u have an open slot pit it in if not choose which one to replace. One day genisus updates and changes all the sources.

Would like to see Exodus add this; it might then be the perfect addon. Is Dead, Here Are Top 3 Alternatives

For all of you that are having Kodi problems, my Exodus, Specto Fork, etc I could not get to work no matter what I did, and today my fire stick suddenly reconfigured, and the kodi is available on my startup menu, with the original skin, but no addons on it.

There will likely never be anything like it again. Its new movie section also updates daily unlike those forks. Every dearh on this site is linked to various video hosting websites, mostly more than 15 different ones. Since it is a Fork it has the same layout with the same options. Anyone else remember it? Also, no Duck Pool on Mucky Duck repo. I use cinebloom too. A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.

Actually, some of the people involved are dead, but the ones still living don’t want to discredit the testimony of someone who has since died. I am using Kodi No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. And his solution works. Neptune Rising basically is number 1 for best movies and t. Didn’t look at Flash Gordon because i saw a few user comments, not one person had anything good to say.


Either they watcb mega-hacked and can’t restore, or the admins just decided to cash out and go all fake links.

The mod keeps burying it in Documentaries and I dont think ojline needs to be hidden away like that. The filtration of the movies is not great, but for what is worth everything works.

Every day now an addon fails to show stream links and so I have to search for another. Its not dumby proof!

I just feel bad that I haven’t tossed many out there. There’s a reason so many people congregated around primewire, and it’s the fact that they had a library that nothing else could manage to match. I do, but with watcj work schedule, and my husband’s love of video games, it’s hard for me to watch t.

Its actually in all my repositories.

Lol, they said something along onlie lines “dont use our website now – its redirecting to wrong sites, working on a fix”. So, go ahead, live in the land of fairy dust.

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