The only drawback of the film can be the songs, which are not so catchy. DeepVeer has our faith restored…. Here the director is at his best, with acute and heartfelt rendering of the Mumbai underworld. This subject has been dealt with before many times in Hindi films. Vaastav is a brilliant film which portrays story of two individuals living in chawl growing as biggest criminals in Mumbai, after an incidence with other criminals. Though almost everyone is just bragging about Sanjay Dutt’s acting performance, the storyline itself made him important one. This masterpiece from Manjrekar starts off on a light note highlighting the simplicity of a family of four. Being his first film, he is excellent.

One thing is often said of reruns. True to Bollywood style, it has it’s fair share of “romance scenes” and the never ending songs, but the fairly original and interesting script, and some fairly decent acting by Dutt makes up for the rest of the movie’s failings. An item number by Kashmira Shah went down very well with the audience, as did the rest of the music by Anu Malik. Namdev Shivalkhar Shivaji Satam and Mother: Direction could’ve been a little bit better because the movie gets a “bit and that’s a very small bit ” slow in some parts in the second half. Captain Marvel Trailer 2 is…. Best bollywood crime movies.

The talented Mahesh Manjrekar mobie his second feature which centres around the character of a simple guy whose attempts to lead a normal life fail and as a result he becomes a merciless underworld don.

Reema, as Sanjay’s mother, also delivers a praiseworthy performance. So, they get married. Raghu turns into a killing machine, but there is no story or scene to justify his actions.

Namrata Shirodkar looks quite sexy as the prostitute and wife of Raghu. Tone is mainly how a new set of criminals take over and older ones get eliminated.


On the contrary, through the main character he shows how restless those who get involved in it are.

Depak Tijori leaves a mark. But what was hugely touted as the major reason of the film’s success was its ending, where we have a very sensitive portrayal of the futility of violence, as Raghu is killed by a bullet fired from his own gun and by his own mother.

SadnessNeverGoes 21 December Sure its not flawless but still the way the story movesthe directioncharacterizationtransition from scene to scene and most importantly Acting. Finally, comes a time when even the home minister orders Raghu and his associates to be killed in encounters, to distance himself from the trigger-happy Raghu and thus save his seat. Best bollywood crime movies. Here the director is at his best, with acute and heartfelt rendering of the Mumbai underworld.

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This subject has been dealt with before many times in Hindi films. The first two songs come within two minutes of each other. That is important part of this movie.

Vaastav has the Mumbai underworld as its backdrop. Especially movue is the way that the romance between the leads is handled.

One thing is often said of reruns. This movie proves that bollywood is not just about crappy “masala” movies, there is more than that in bollywood. Raghu becomes the most powerful and feared and the richest don of Mumbai Underworld and starts working for Maharshtra Home Minister Babban Rao Kadam Mohan Joshi ,Raghu arranges dia,ogues a job for his brother Vijay and also gets him married to Puja Ekta Sohini using his fear antics. Vaastav was indeed a good effort gone somewhat dilaogues from Mahesh Manjrekar.

I did not expect much since Bollywood hasn’t really made any realistic Gangster Movies apart from Parinda in the likes of Hollywood Classics Scarface, Goodfellas, Godfather.

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Im not your average bollywood fan, in fact quite the opposite, i despise most productions that come out of the Indian film industry. Namrata Shirodgar was believable. PM Modi Met a Set…. Declines movle marry the pros at first. These factors are shown to work simultaneously to create a character that is forever embedded in the history of Indian cinema.


Shivaji Satam shines as Sanjay Dutt’s father.

My Favourite Bollywood Films. Also the way it approached issues of sex workers, sold out police at the same time vulnerable police in front of politicians. From an easy-going guy to a broken man — the role is essayed with great care by him, maintaining a consistency throughout. The hero wants out because he wishes to settle down and live in peace, but not once is he sorry for his actions.

Tell us what you think of this review. I suggest you watch it at least once and judge it for yourself. Woh bahar casualty mein koi marne ki haalat mein raha … to usko form bharna zaroori hai kya? However, this movie is compelling from the first scene to the last, and although it has elements of the stereotypical bollywood film, the film itself illustrates a story that is gripping and intriguing.

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Novie people particularly sports journalists say success is the difference measured between where you were and where you are. Home minister who else but Mohan Joshi gifts Raghu two tickets as his wedding present.

The film would have been a run-of-the-mill affair, had it not been for Sanjay Dutt and the dramatic climax.

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