Could someone please help me with the history of the Bomb Movies era starting in the s? Such movies subordinate all other elements of cinema — script, acting, production design, cinematography, editing, and sound — to its overriding concern with sexual stimulation. Lilia Dizon-Gil de Leon 8. After the movie, the bomba films were produced left and right and new bold stars made names in the movie industry. A discussion of the implications of the genre in an aesthetic and theoretical plane will follow. Rita Gomez-Ric Rodrigo But this was so much better than BTS because the pictures were larger. Ricky Belmonte-Rosemarie Sonora

Log In Sign Up. Ramon Revilla Jr-Lani Mercado. Merle Fernandez , Rudy Fernandez Clan. Liza Lorena-Eddie Gutierrez 7. She made her mark in the movie, Uhaw , which broke all box-office records during its theater run. Del Monte or El Timon? Or did it have enough of a lasting impact to contribute to Filipino national consciousness? Best Actress Awards 2.

It was also, IMO, a way to appease the masses whose discontent with the Marcos regime had been growing at an alarming speed.

And to arrest this penetration explosion, whom you gonna call? Imelda Ilanan-Tony Ferrer 4.

Marjorie Barreto-Dennis Padilla Ricky Belmonte-Rosemarie Sonora Tiongson, moreover, classifies Uhaw plainly as pornography, citing the same reasons. It was harang though, — to put it crudely, suso lang kita although there ful a short frontal in the other feature.


The upheavals in human conduct were a result of numerous circumstances in scientific and artistic cultural productions.

The ECP began to decline in prestige since the start of the s, when its promises of ushering in a new era of cinematic glory has been reduced to the resurrection resurrection of the bomba movie. Please login or register.

It’s not merel good Amy Austria-Jay Ilagan 3. The emergence of the bomba genre may be attributed to three main factors: Perhaps the question to be answered now is: Famas Best Supporting Actresses 3.

1971 movie ad uhaw

The wife then has a love affair with his friend, until the husband dies in another accident. And there was no singit after the movie. Glenn said that we should go in anyway because they might have singit. Not surprisingly, the public found refuge in the movies.

Bomba movies of the s and 80s

Christopher de Leon-Nora Aunor Nora Aunor-Christopher de Leon 5. Vilma Santos-Edu Manzano 7. Proof of this was the emergence of a Yvonne’s exploits. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

That movie became notorious — forgot the title now — because it was more explicit than Uhaw or Hayok or even Dayupay which was shot in UP High library on a Saturday, remember that? Marketing strategies were also used to maximize viewership: So much was the effect of the bomba on the medium at the time ,erle it was capable of bringing down cultural institutions themselves — one of which was the the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines ECP.


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Eddie Fernandez-Dulce Lukban 9. You are commenting using your Twitter account. A discussion of the implications of the genre in an aesthetic and theoretical plane will follow. Del Mundo points out that the movie does not have a redeemable quality, basing his judgment on two things: So one Saturday, after shop class we had shop Saturday mornings thenwe went to his place to have lunch first, then to El Timon.

Not in the mere exposition of nudity or sexual intercourse, but rather in the manner in which that body or act is shown. Could someone please help me with the history of the Bomb Movies era starting in the s?

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