Views Read Edit View history. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Rani and Binnie do community service. In the end, it turns out to be a mylar balloon from Rani’s birthday party caught on a TV antenna. Binnie also wants Kabir’s help and bribes him with concert tickets to Purab Pashchim. Kabir, the only twin that wears sweater vests, becomes paranoid and avoids anything that remotely resembles the astrologer’s vision — even the surprise birthday party that he, Karan, and the other Raj Mahal employees are throwing for Priti. Vinnie then agrees to dance with Karan. Shaynam Ladakhi as Jang Bahadur 8.

Meanwhile, Binnie tries to get Rani to wear a new friend Mini’s dress but Rani doesn’t want to wear it, as it was not made by someone famous. Kabir and Noodle go to math camp for a week, leaving Karan on his own for a few days. Vinnie’s high school prom is coming up, and Karan finds out by throwing it at the Raj Mahal. They get her into the imperial suite, but another guest, Shamsher Singh , checks into Vinnie’s suite, so the boys must dismantle the suite in order for the wrestler to check out of the hotel. When Karan and Kabir invite Toolkit over for dinner and stay overnight, he just won’t leave, because he doesn’t want to be alone. Priti is getting annoyed at him so she forces Karan and Kabir to make him go. Vinnie then agrees to dance with Karan. On the way, Shobhji tells them about Shalini, then leaves.

Rani starts a rumor about Vinnie and Rahul that angers Vinnie, eventually leading her into accidentally beginning a rumor about Rani that she has real fox fur in her closet. Sulekshna as Shobhaji, Ayush Narang as Noodle.

The Suite Life Of Karan and Kabir | Season 2 Episode 40 | Disney India Official

Meanwhile, Rani transfers to Binnie’s school and causes her to get a detention, later they pretend to be nuns from Sri Lanka. Karan and Kabir watch a video of them being born, but in the video, their mother might have mistaken them for each other, so they become the complete opposite of themselves. Meanwhile, Rani gets her learner’s permit and while Mr. One full of compliments and one full of insults.


However, Karan begins to keep the bike all for himself which makes Kabir angry. Meanwhile, Kabir signs up for an advanced Calculus Math Class covering tables, Conversion and Convergences, but no one, even the teacher, shows up.

Karan also begins rejecting Kabir, even or to attend his speech. Kabir takes the insults which he mistakes for compliments and the daughter goes to Karan.

The boys’ uncle Jojo returns. After losing her science tutor, Rani asks and pays Kabir to help her epidode her project. He is less adventurous but always gets into his brothers antics, most accidentally he faces trouble because of Karan. Rani refuses to change her date out of selfishness and bribes people with gifts if they come to her party.

The Suite Life Of Karan and Kabir -Season 2 Episode 47

To convince him to leave her in India, she enlists the help of Binnie. Karan – Karan is typically a self-centered, non-studious, outgoing, immature boy who is “10 minutes older” than his twin which he uses against Kabir, normally telling him, since he’s older, to do some sort of job that he doesn’t want to do.

The son of the rival hotel owner Rajlalit likes Rani but the owners of the hotel hate each other. Binnie tries to help Kabir and Rani tries to help Karan. Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi 5. Karan and Kabir meet two new friends Max and Noodle and invite them over, but when the Danzo group finds out that they live in the Raj Mahal Hotel, they suddenly want to hang out with the twins instead, leaving Max and Noodle behind.

Mann Singh is the manager of the Raj Mahal Hotel, who speaks with a humongous Hindi vocabulary and an urbane vernacular and is often annoyed by Karan and Kabirs schemes.


When Maan Singh finds them in the suite later on, he tells them of the experience he had with Suite when he was a bellhop.

The Suite Life Of Karan and Kabir | Season 2 Episode 40 | Disney India Official

Karan -Karan is typically a self-centered, non-studious, outgoing, immature boy who is 10 minutes older than his twin which he uses against Kabir, normally telling him, since hes older, to do some sort of job that he doesnt want to do. Karan gets tired of living by his mother’s boring rules, so Karan sneaks onto his uncle’s bus the day he leaves.

Shivshakti Sachdev as Rani Uberoi5. Maan Singh that she is the manager of the episoee across the street. Rani sets up her dog Princess on a kxbir with another rich dog.

He is told that Sanjeev puts different disguises including that of an old Chinese man. Karan later finds the wedgies strangely relaxing. On the day of the event, Max locks the twins in their closet, but they find their own way there, with help from Digital. Karan and Kabir find out that one of the competitors, Sachin Chatturvedi, is cheating, so they try to help Toolkit win.

But Karan gets a “F” because the teacher claims that the facts in Karan’s paper are inaccurate. Meanwhile, Karan and Mr.

Meanwhile, Rani decides to learn the hotel business. Even though the original series had 87 episodes, poor reception led The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir’s cancellation.

When the owner realizes Kabir is friends with Rani, he will only hire Kabir if he will set him up on a date with her.

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