Trust me on that! He just pats Joon-hee on the shoulder, still holding him, as we fade out. I love the scene with Jun-hee and that red car, we don’t have to know who’s in there just the thought that he has someone and maybe finally he knows his own heart. Yes, it’s good that they showed Joon-hee moving on after being hung up on Yoon-jae but this is still a far cry from quality queer representation. I luff Dad, so, so much. Peter looked around in panic. She agrees just to get him out the door, and backs him up against the wall. Of course every time she visits them Xaldin loses ten years of life because you never know if Xigbar is messing up with tools he should not touch.

Peter Quill x sister! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page. I finally started watching ‘Reply ‘ last night, and I’ve fallen in love And the car was expensive. She vaguely remembers being asked this before, but he says quite nervously, which cracks me up that some things have changed since then. And the whole thing about how they explained in the drama how the fandom helps you excel in other aspects of your life? Kim Yoonmi September 21, at Doing melodramatic stuff that makes me gag like looking out into the ocean and then trying to drown themselves in it.

I laughed, cried, and cheered the whole way! You broke my heart, but I still love you.

‘Reply ‘ PD Shin Won Ho defends A Pink’s Eunji ~ Netizen Buzz

He knows that he can’t have Yunjae and if being his friend is the only way to be close to him, then he’s willing to take that. For me, my top moment out of all beloved moments is the way that they treated Joon-hee’s storyline.

That’s gooddraama, really bugging me. If I’m going to rank the top 3 best dramas I have seen this year so far, they would be: Some of us have been waiting eight weeks for that answer. Dino Thanks for the subs.


If we knew that the object of our love could never be ours, why make things awkward? What’s a girl to do after 16 episodes of awesomeness?

He came to pick her up after his dinner, and joins them. Being a fangirl does has its benefits. D Without these recaps, I never would have discovered this show, and that would be a shame, since I think it’s my favourite of this year! We all know it’s probably a guy, but still that tiny glimpse to reaffirm that would have been nice. Did he just call Black Widow-the idiot!

This show had that perfect combo in spades. Sari September 21, at 5: I promise that I’ll watch from beginning to end 2. It sounds so different when they were five.

He needs to team up with his childhood friends in order to figure out a way to save her and solve the mystery behind who is behind the murder attempt? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He used to work as an astronaut but after an accident that left him without an eye and with a huge scar on his face, he elfed his ears as a coping mechanism if you have to be scary better do it the fabulous way, he says. Select an option Broken Link Video out of sync Wrong video.

Reply 1997

Kim Yoonmi September 21, at Or maybe she has a special proposal she wants to receive? I missed quite a bit of info from the Chinese sub which Onlinne am glad to have uploaded as it was blocked from my region soon after. Onlime totally gooddramx their voices, be it solo or group, it’s plain awesomeness.

Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Purity gets dirtied, passion wagch over, and youth turns to shrewdness as you age. Korea is still not very open about homosexuality and Junhee’s not telling everyone about his sexual preference is very understandable. Profile 22 years old, born September 12th, Jung Eunji, hit daebak! Plus I like the fact that they didn’t say, make Jun Hee a fashion designer that only cares about clothes–they looked at him as a character first, which is more than I can say for an American show like Will and Grace who wouldn’t hire an actor because he wasn’t “gay enough” i.


Awtch god, this was really a rollercoaster ride and i loved it. I feel the same way! Kelinci Biru September 21, at 8: Behind it Tony, Steve and Natasha stood unamused. It’s crazily well written, well directed. If we have to watch this scene one more time, I will hurl something. Please view it as working hard My only request is if they do a sequel, pretty pls include the Big Bang, Rain, Se7en etc And the car was expensive.

Please read the FAQ for more info. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Xaldin grumbles everytime he sees the water dork but he secretly enjoys hearing him play. JavaScript is required to view this site. It’s been a wonderful ride.

Great things garner great expectations which is unjust in a way because we don’t hold such standards for lesser things. Not ideally, but still did it fairly well. All countries have a long gooddrams to go, but I will celebrate the minor successes to get to that ideal. Kudos TvN for giving us great dramas this year.

Notify me of new posts via email. I am half way through and have ranked this as THE nos. Given us glimpses of their wedding, what life was like after their first child, etc.

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