As the sheikh gets down the car with his wives, seher, lustily eyes the jewellery, and money that the wives are loaded with, and thinks that this time she is in for a bigger plan. She asks him to find out when he mets badi bi. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the kitchen, sanam asks haya if this marriage is out of helplessness. Just when Asad is about to apologise to Zoya after listening to his mom’s advice, he notices something off about Najma’s hair and proceeds to check it. Tanveer agrees to give him proof. Zoya asks Najma to help her identify a building from a half-burnt photograph. He asks her if she wants to know the truth, and goes on to tell her.

Welcome, Login to your account. Tanvir is lying about many things n the proof of it is here.. While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma. Ayan leaves from there..! Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She pays off the driver.

Haseena reads the name of Asad Ahmed Khan on the bill and thinks about finding out who he is and how he is linked to Rashid’s kin. Zoya handles the situation charmingly, but disagrees with Zeenat. She checks Tanvirs hand nwondrs whree the burn marks are …n says. Asad asks Dilshad why Zoya is acting like a ki d n Dilshad says.

In the absence of Dilshad, Asad hears a voicemail by Rashid for Dilshad, asking her to forgive him for not visiting as promised. Page 1 of 1. Dilshad wishes tanveer also for the moon curtly. Nuzzhat and Nikhat are rescued by Asad in a mall after some boys tease them. Imran turns to leave but says that…they will pay for this insult.!


He asks her to leave his room and move to the guest room. Ayan and the girls tell her the story and the pure feelings behind the month of Roza. The hotel manager gapes at Nikhat.! Discussing the qualities they want in their potential partner, Humeira chats with Ayaan as Asad discusses the same with his mother. A password will be e-mailed to you. Tanvir is lying about many things n the proof of it is here.

Dilshad curtly says that he was at the office last night. Just when Asad is about to apologise to Zoya after listening to his mom’s advice, he notices something off about Najma’s hair and proceeds to check it.

They congratulate each other for the sighting of the moon. Asad makes Dilshad promise that she will move on from her past life. Both fight against them until Asad gets severely injured after being stabbed.

Zoya tries to make peace with Allah, promising that whatever be her fate, she will accept it.

Qubool Hai

Seher starts ranting about how she should just keep changing the place. Notify me of new comments via email. Asad gets the news of Nikhat’s engagement from Ayaan. Zoya asks Najma to return home before Asad arrives at the police station. Rashid, on Zoya’s advice, anonymously requests that an old song be onlune on the radio for Dilshad. The same day, Zoya is very pleased with Dilshad’s house after she moves into the latter’s apartment and mistakenly settles in the bedroom of Asad that night.

He does it for her, and she clutches back at his hands, and they both awkwardly face each other. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sanam is shocked, to hear from haya, the next morning, that haya plans to get married tomorrow. Shireen gets upset when Rashid lies about being at the episodde. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The next day, at breakfast, Zoya’s chattiness creates a funny atmosphere at the dining table.


He accusingly confronts razia, while the whole family is boggled and razia is nervous.

Qubool Hai 17th July Written Episode – Indian Television Box

At that moment, Haseena learns about Asad’s identity. Haseena goes to the shop herself to get the tux changed.

Asad is shocked to hear this and tensed too. Rihanna 19th Aug – 4: Mamujaan too asks why didnt she ask clearly when badi bi was leaving. Sign in Recover your password. Humaira is excited for them.

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Existing Premium Users, Yai here to login. Ayaan is saved as the return gifts arrive just when he is questioned about them by Rashid and Gaffur. Dilshad is sad and says that life isnt a game, where he changes his descisions everyday, and asks why he wants to marry tanveer.

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