You are commenting using your Facebook account. The camera pans down to Ha Ni, blissfully sleeping on the lap of Seung Jo on a park bench. I admit, I’m one of them: He definitely deserves a little emotional turmoil after how mean he was to HN. That would be — gasp! Seung-jo brings He-ra home to work on an assignment, and Ha-ni finds herself caught on the balcony outside the living room. Just want to add that KHJ did also mention that he would like to go on a trip away alone and do some thinking. I surely will miss the whole package — watching the raw eps, then reading your blog, then spazzing learned another word heh.

Seriously, we’re almost done with half of the series and she is still following him everywhere You’ll find him quirky and endearing in WGM. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Yes I like reading comments too. The fact that she disregards Ha ni’s shortcomings and appreciates her pure heart is such an oddity. November 15, at

What I mean was that in the trailer, the guy did seemingly romantic gestures [like patting the girl’s head, putting her head on his shoulder, touching her lips etc] but he’s actually doing those gestures with other motives [whispering things in her ears like who’s the liar etc]. But the leaked script leads me to think Group 8 will end plauful drama on the same whimsical sweet note it started the entire series off with.

Have been a lurker here most of the last few weeks I joined the party pretty late and have really enjoyed observing this amazing community. Also, I gotta say I hate how epixode up He-ra gets just to go to school. I wanted to feel kss their story reached an organic closure — done.


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Email required Address never made public. Hope to see them again soon. Because of the Mother and Ha Ni!!!

I didn’t look at his collarbone at all, but yes I shall take note of it from now on: If you look at her when she comes in with EJ and SJ is looking at the camera In all my 4 years of KDrama addiction…PK takes the cake!!! On a substantive note, this episode was silliness galore, with a sweet nugget of honesty inside.

They loaded it too late and I had to go to work. The same viewers even experienced the novel phenomenon of following this drama from the small screen TV to an even smaller screen Youtube.

Playful Kiss Episode 7 recaps

She dodges a few balls in fear, and then one flies at her face. Alhough I still don’t.

Am I making any sense here? Ha Ni turned around to find who was already working in the cafeteria to keep tabs on Ha Ni.

November 16, at 1: Catching on to the source of her complaint, he asks if this is about He-ra instead of Eun-jo. Now his world is vast and without some kind of manual he’s human just like the rest of us.

Playful Kiss: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Maybe they will show the two in a steamy bath scene. I love you Dramabeans!! She got a private KHJ concert!!!! Can I stay a little bit longer? OMO what is happening at the very end of the ep Yes, just that little vignette That had been surely something!


Ep 3 watched raw didnt understand crap…. She spits out tufts of teddy fur, and sees Seung Jo is all ready for school.

November 15, at 6: November 16, at 6: As usual, I got cross-eyed trying to make out what she was doing to his face after she blew out the candles…. I love comments, no matter long or short: Ha Ni goes to bed after sharing her perfect birthday, and Seung Jo smiles and searches the internet for restaurant options. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ha Ni confesses that she had a dream that Seung Jo gave her a peach and now she wants a peach.

That was Seung Jo for you, always making fun of me, even episoed he was half asleep.

Not in this post or last post…? Thank you to everyone! My heart, it bleeds for you. Actually this is quite tricky, I’m trying to guess how this version would take off from this separation, since it has been cut into 16 episode If it follows epiisode per anime, then we would only going to be presented a glimpse of their ‘hmmm

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