Could your laptop save you from a speeding bullet? What household objects are bulletproof? Are two interlaced phone books impossible to pull apart by any means? Can wheel spikes and a hood-mounted machine gun be used to disable a pursuing vehicle? Is it difficult to hold on to a live grenade once the pin is pulled? Seth Rogen makes a special appearance, challenging the cast to replicate two scenes from his film The Green Hornet. Is it possible to fool a modern polygraph test?

In Vector Vengeance, Kari, Grant and Tory take their myth from a fascinating physics “thought experiment. Season 8, Episode 6 Mythssion Control. Can a bicycle be modified to operate on both land and water? Can a runaway car be safely stopped if another driver pulls in front and slows down? Is an axe really better than a gun in a zombie attack? Season 6, Episode 1 Alaska Special.

Season 10, Episode 1 Mission Impossible Mask. The gang test two shaggy-dog tales that both put our crime-fighting canines to the ultimate test. Adam and Jamie test the merits of a famous assassination attempt while Kari, Grant, and Tory face the pain to see if you really can ‘slap some sense’ into someone. Jamie and Adam build a number of soda shooting cannons to see how episodee this myth really is, including a never-before-seen shoulder mounted cannon courtesy of Jamie.


Can a combination of Diet Coke and Mentos make mytbbusters stomach explode? Can you put out a fire on a lake by turning a boat at an angle?

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Is it possible to hold a conversation while falling at terminal velocity? Does the person who draws second have a better chance of winning in a gunfight?

Will a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building kill a person or penetrate the ground? And some part of us wishes we could be more like them.

Season 3, Episode 17 Son of a Gun.

Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory challenge the concept of a leather cannon. Can running in a zig-zag line save a person from a crocodile? Here we go again in the newest Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 3.

Can an old dog be taught new tricks? Can a buried car use onboard explosives to blast a bulldozer out of the way without injuring the passengers?

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Is it possible to get past a guard dog? Views Read Edit View history. Can a sword be stopped with one’s bare hands? Retrieved January 24, Tailgate Down Can a sword slice a machine gun barrel?

Season 4, Episode 7 Archimedes Death Ray. First up, Adam and Jamie plunge head first into a climactic cinema clich: Did Adolf Hitler survive Operation Valkyrie only because he was in a conference room instead of an underground bunker?


Season 10, Episode 7 Spy Car 2. What methods work best to repel snakes? Season 3, Episode 11 Ming Dynasty Astronaut.

MythBusters Season 8 Episode 29 “Operation Valkyrie”

Does the tip of a whip break the sound barrier? Did the Greeks create an arrow machine gun that offered the speed, distance, and precision that modern machine guns do? On this episode of MythBusters, Adam and Jamie both become “lab rats” for science.

Season 3, Episode 15 Is Yawning Contagious. Can a laser alarm be defeated? While the Daring Duo builds a duct tape bridge and risks a fifty foot fall, the Tenacious Trio crashes car after car to find out if duct tape can stop a speeding vehicle.

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Can wheel spikes and jythbusters hood-mounted machine gun be used to disable a pursuing vehicle? This is the final appearance of folklorist Heather Joseph-Witham. Season 18, Episode 2 Flights of Fantasy. Season 16, Episode 4 Road Rage.

Season 4, Episode 24 Concrete Glider. Do pheromone sprays work? Season 16, Episode 1 Fire in the Hole.

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