This time the bamboo grew right through the torso and rose to a height of about ten feet. Poop collected, they tried to pick the most polishable candidates, and then baked them to remove the moisture. Can you survive a jump from a high-rise building with a parachute made from a hotel room’s contents? What common objects are bulletproof? Can a steel door be blown open by the gunpowder from six bullets? Using a glossmeter , they measured gloss levels substantially higher than the value of 70 gloss units which is considered “high gloss”.

Can a fire be put out by placing a fire extinguisher into it? Adam pointed out that arrowheads would have been akin to caveman technology, and would be widely used. A metal brimmed Bowler hat can be thrown hard enough to knock the head off of a stone statue. While charging their target, a Special Forces Ninja can use their sword to deflect an arrow and kill the archer before he can nock another. The show does not follow a typical calendar of on and off air periods. Initially, they had trouble doing so; they tried many things from using an umbrella to hiding in food to Kari flashing the goats causing Tory to pretend to faint. How well will Jamie and Adam perform in a MacGyver challenge? A smoke ball was the only result of a C4 explosion, and the ball did not go in the hole.

Can a stewardess survive a 33,foot fall while still strapped into her seat? Grant and Tory took turns playing the “dead sailor” and the panicked sailor.

  GTR2 VLN SERIES 2012 V1.0

The MythBusters placed sodium in polishinf gel capsule, placed it in a bottle full of warm water, placed the bottle against a cinder block wall, and packed it in with sand. Yes, Homer DID save his house from the wrecking ball. Can an engine run on gunpowder alone? Could a kite struck by lightning in a storm kill the person holding it?

Could the sinking Titanic episods suck a person down with it?

The Buster Awards: Polished Poop – MythBusters | Discovery

Can someone test positive for heroin by eating a large amount of poppy seeds? Can a metal duct be stealthily climbed using magnets? Mythbustrrs match heads alone have the explosive punch to fire a homemade cannon? While buzzed only drinking a few beersAdam had a score ofKari had 89, and Jamie had numebr On the other hand, Discovery sells DVD sets for “seasons”, which sometimes follow the calendar year and sometimes do not.

This episode aired on Science. Is hitting the ground with running legs faster than a standing start? Can too many lights on a Christmas tree cause it to light on fire?

Is it possible to get past a guard dog?

Mythbusters Polishing a Turd

Can a frozen turkey explode if it is dropped into deep fryer pot too fast? Can a person take to the skies using only nhmber lawn chair and weather balloons?

Can a person escape from prison using salsa? James Cameron was a special guest on this episode.

As of June more fans liked Adam’s bang Can a fishing reel catch fire with a fast enough fish on the line? This episode showed outtakes from the series. Does the government implant secret chips in people which stud finders can detect? Can a van loaded with leaking containers of flammable gases explode when it receives a signal from its keyless remote? Can a conventional electric stun gun be turned into a water-powered electric stun gun? Viewer Special Threequel” [6].


Can a steel door be blown open by the gunpowder from six bullets? After putting some fur over the gel, the results were the same, and it was noted that the arrowheads made bigger wounds in polishlng target, which would mean faster bleeding to death for the animal.

Mythbusters Polishing a Turd – video dailymotion

Who will throw up first? This is a special James Bond -theme episode. Can the speed camera be beaten? The Build Team then decided to scale up the sawdust experiment, using a larger, more powerful cannon and extremely flammable powdered non-dairy polishig.

A star on a copper shield was tested, but it also failed to stop the bullet. Can water coming out of a hose with a speaker next to it create an optical illusion that it is going backwards?

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