Larry Mullen is one of my forevers! Lilacflowers — Tom will have to be bigamous, then, because he is my husband too! I do keep giving him a chance to prove his greatness as an actor but he has continually disappointed me. I heard he was here the other day. Mia, Jessica, and Tom are interviewed by Josh Horowitz. That thought just makes me pause a moment. Just a few changes to the script, increase in pace and cut down on the background score would have improved the movie a lot. Volume 1 Kill Bill:

However to a degree much of this seems to just make the film more confusing rather than more coherent or palatable to modern audiences. July 21, at 3: Maybe I was just too distracted by those incredible sets, which will lessen when rewatching it. July 15, at 1: I think if I closed my eyes and he whispered in my ear…anything…I would melt. Guillermo is a visual stylist who crafts beautiful-looking films, the only problem being not having stories and characters that are equal to those visuals, and unfortunately this is something that Crimson Peak suffers from too. He should be back with you by now. Seconds later, their eyes widen and you hear screeching.

I always love the show, but this is the best episode in a while. Is anyone watching the place for him just in movir

So anyway, now I can truly understand all the fuss. I just get angry for my kids sometimes when so many of the top jobs in our country, including those in the arts, go to people from only a two or three schools. What does it even matter? None of it makes sense. Loving the spooky sound effects.

Even though I started to get woozy from all the circular talking, I loved every minute. Its story parallels a real incident during the Cuban Missile Crisisalbeit aboard a Soviet rather than U. Retrieved July 25, They have wifi, food and every necessity they could possibly want. The picture is cropped. Maybe it looked too much like a kids movie- I never watched The Neverending Storyeither.


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Probably because I am getting older and older, of course. I have no dog in this fight. Unless they were trying to get pics out on Tumblr?

July 21, at 7: July 20, at 8: Barbel had been sold by the U. I can think of plenty of female characters who are plenty tough but are still fairly sexist in presentation. In town, he favors cream-colored outfits, which are all the more impractical on the dusty trail.

Nut balls, btw—in answer to the question you asked on the previous post: The panel itself was maybe not as exciting as some of the others. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She appears to the girl, takes her to the place she died but not once tells her that she is dead and so is everyone in the camp.

She was quiet and reserved sure, but I actually thought she did quite pooper.

Vauvert — trust me if you saw him in person ,ovie would NOT pass him by with staring. But yes, he and his butt were missed; a crime against humanity has occurred.

But so many, many other actors fit into the same description and almost every post about either one of them, the other is dragged in. There is no door — why? Even getting those wristbands was stressful, though!

With so man plot holes going on, you wonder if the writer had too many second thoughts when writing up the story. Kahn as an emotionally repressed, mumbling posh boy. I will sign you up. Digital SpyBlastr.


The Ballerina–My Take on the Movie with Spoilers!

I happen to know people who are the product of a very similar education and you know what, just like regular plebes, some are insufferable bores, others aristocratically stuffy, and a very few come across as genuine, nice, good people, their classical education and posh accent notwithstanding. This is clearly a movie to watch whilst drinking beers. As a fan of Henson, I feel wrong even writing that, especially in the face of such evident adoration for the film over the years.

Like many films these days, the story it has to tell is not equal to the dazzling way the film tells it. Proportions are often tricky and even with beautiful women, a pixie can make them look really bad. Although it is a period-set film it is thoroughly modern in its execution, so much so that it often feels a triumph of style over substance and inevitably loses some of the depth and beauty of the original.

Later, we are left to wonder if the camp is supposed to be some kind of purgatory. Of course the riskiest aspect of Deadpool is its R-rating in America and all that violence.

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