This page was last edited on 6 June , at Second Car Horn Prelude. By the way, can you see the planets? Ghost Astradamors, are you dead? As she falls asleep, Astradamors quietly claims he would “plunge the whole universe into damnation, if only to be rid of her! Material has been cut and added, sung lines have been made into spoken lines, and vice-versa. This takes nothing away from the opera, and of course that is good news for English-speaking listeners. Nekrotzar is first introduced to us as he descends, through the mouth of Claudia, to join delirious drunkard, Piet the pot, closely followed by sexually-obsessed lovers Amanda and Amando, who arrive on the scene through a door in the left nipple.

This opens with doorbells and alarm clocks , written into the score like the car horns earlier. The comet glows brightly and Saturn falls out of its ring in the stage’s brightly lit sky. Jard van Nes and Frode Olsen are perhaps inhibited by the English language from making Mescalina and Astradamors as grotesque as they can be, though both sing well, as does every other member of the cast. The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts! The politicians go out on the balcony to try to calm the people with speeches, one after the other, but Go-go laughs at them as they are pelted by shoes , tomatoes , and other objects. Le Grand Macabre Blu-ray. From here onward, Ligeti adopts a more eclectic manner, re-examining tonality and modality in his own words, “non- atonal ” music. Squeek out your dying wish, you pig!

The composer was annoyed by Sellars’s production, which opposed Ligeti’s desire for ambiguity by explicitly depicting an apocalypse set in the framework of the Chernobyl disaster Everett I can hardly wait for him to get to the orchestral scores, as I assume he will in good time. Direct comparison between the newcomer and Elgar Howarth’s splendid Wergo performance is difficult, because Ligeti extensively revised the score inand it is that ‘final version’, as he calls it, that is recorded here.

Graham Clark is hugely exuberant as Piet the Pot, and Steven Cole and Richard Suart make a splendid double-act of the two Ministers, roles that were originally spoken and which now have much more character.


The comet glows brightly and Saturn falls out of its ring in the stage’s brightly lit sky. Quiet, for heaven’s sake!

The Arts Shelf – Le Grand Macabre (Blu-ray)

Piet protests that he “spoke no word, so who spoke? Each time the prince objects, they harmoniously threaten “I shall resign,” a possibility of which Go-go seems to be terrified. As Gepopo Sibylle Ehlert is even more spectacularly virtuoso than Howarth’s Eirian Davies, and Willard White’s gravity is as effective in the role of Nekrotzar as Dieter Weller’s more sinister authority.

The whole performance is rather more assured than Howarth’s his was recorded at a concert, Salonen’s during a series of staged performances with presumably much longer rehearsal time and the score’s beauties are more lovingly polished. Go-go emerges and believes he is the only person left alive, but “three soldiers, risen from the grave to plunder, loot, and pillage all the good God gave” emerge. Scene from a production at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in No-one knows when his hour will fall.

She forces him to lift his skirt, and strikes him with a spit.

The vast percussion section uses a large variety of domestic items, as well as standard orchestral instruments:. Second Car Horn Prelude. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if nacabre wish.

The curtain opens to the throne roomwhere two politicians dance a lopsided waltz and exchange insults in alphabetical order.

Ligeti: Le Grand Macabre / Salonen, Philharmonia Orch

With food in mind, Go-go finally asserts himself and says “we will accept your resignations” after dinner. Le Grand Macabre was premiered in Stockholm on 12 April Griffiths and Searby and has received more than 30 productions Everett These suggest, very abstractly, a barren modern landscape and a traffic jam of sorts. Home News Contacts Copyright. Shapely and attractive figure Their manic laughter is accompanied by burping noises from the low brass.

The opera was recorded more than ten years ago for Wergo This CD is reissued by ArkivMusic. Squeek out your dying wish, you pig! Venus informs Mescalina that she has sent “two men,” and Nekrotzar steps forward, claiming to be the “well-hung” man Mescalina requested. The prince grows hungry, so the politicians tempt him with a gluttonous feast to which the fat but boyish monarch sings an impassioned ode.


Poor Frode Olsen; on stage, he got to be in drag as he was whipped and tortured by Jard van Nes. Notes and Editorial Reviews Le Grand Macabre, a comedy about the end of the world, an elaborate game of musical time-travel, an ambiguous dance on the brink of an abyss, looks more and more like the cisc opera of the end of the twentieth century, and it is good to have a new recording of it to greet the oigeti appropriately.

The entire cast encourages the audience: Also, there are no real memorable tunes, and not really any you are likely to leave humming; so if you are hoping for Puccinithis is maybe not the best choice for you.

Versions exist for soprano or for trumpet, accompanied by orchestra, reduced instrumental ensemble, or piano Anon.

Percussion timpani percussion four players Keyboard celesta doubling harpsichord grand piano doubling electronic piano electronic organ manuals only, doubling regal Strings mandolin harp 3 violins 2 violas 6 cellos 4 double basses.

As she ary asleep, Astradamors quietly claims he would “plunge the whole universe into bu, if only to be rid of her! Only a few notes need be changed to perform the opera in any of these languages. The Wergo performance is sung ligehi German. Astradamors rises, protesting that “spiders always give [him] nausea.

This is a highly recommended release, and sadly, the only chance to see an operatic composition by this inventive and widely overlooked composer. Go-go proclaims that he is “master in [his] own house” and calls on “legendary might, hallmark of Go-gos” for the tough times ahead.

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