During the rest of the wedding preparations, Shakthi pesters Shruti about her engagement, claiming she would be moving too far from her parents or Dubai wouldn’t suit her. Boxtv Regional Free Movies. Itunes Comedy Romantic Comedy Movies. Music of the film is just about OK, and only one or two songs are impressive. Comedy Romantic Comedy Movies. Inga Enna Solluthu Shakthi Nani is street-smart and fun-loving.

Google Play Romance Free Movies. Amazon Prime Drama Romance Movies. The art department has done a wonderful job in making this film look rich. Comedy Tamil Free Movies. And despite some wonderfully conversational dialogue, we’re left with the strange feeling of watching a Hindi movie dubbed in Tamil, along with the realisation that a story alone doesn’t make a movie. He goes back to Shruti, who refuses him as she is worried that romantic complications would arise. Comedy Romantic Comedy Telugu Movies. Itunes Tamil Free Movies.

Shruti calls off her engagement and the two share a passionate hug. Comedy Romance Telugu Movies. Genre ComedyRomanceRomantic comedyDrama.

However, they don’t do as well by themselves and end up plunging into debt. Amazon Prime Free Movies.


noline She confronts Shakthi, who quickly summons his friend, the videographer at the wedding, and pretends he is part of the film crew and has a right to be there.


He has tried his best to make this film tick. The nativity factor was also missed with proper Tamil casting. Amazon Prime Romance Free Movies. The art department has done a wonderful job in making this film look rich. Rajiv Rajaraman Dialogue writer.

This creates a tense atmosphere between the two. Afterwards, Shakthi lies awake all night, worried about what has happened.

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Comedy Free Movies. Actually, there is ample scope to create humor when Shakti starts his new company after getting kicked out by Sruthi.

Romantic Comedy Movies. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Comedy Tamil Free Movies. Amazon Prime Comedy Movies.

Boxtv Comedy Drama Movies. Start your free trial. The film released in screens worldwide for both versions.

They quit and Shruti, calling him me,am partner, leaves with him, warning Chandra that they will cross paths. The film was overall a commercial failure. The soundtrack for Aaha Kalyanam was composed by Dharan Kumar. Google Play Movies. This Tamil film is a faithful remake sans creativity”. It features music composed by C Dharan Kumar. Later, when an irate bride’s father confronts Chandra, she blames Shruti, claiming it was her fault.


The Times of India. They quit and Shruti, calling him her partner, leaves with him, warning Chandra that they will cross onlinne. Search for ” Gatti Melam ” on Amazon. Boxtv Telugu Free Movies. Itunes Drama Free Movies. As said earlier, all the weddings have been showcased colorfully. They launch a wedding planning company called Getti Melam. By using this site, you agree melan the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Relieved, he tells her it meant nothing to him as well.

The performance is a success and the following day, Shakthi tells Shruti they should be partners again, saying Getti Melam was never as successful as when they were together.

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