He then charmed the Dark Queen and goes for an attack, but failed as Master blocked his attack and goes full force. It’s almost the end of Autumn and Hinata has a problem catching up with Peridot. Kanon is very lucky due to her getting closer to her crush Mikage, thought she can’t confess her feelings to him. Kanon and Hinata found out about Queen Jewelina to be the creator of Jewel Land and the Jewelpet’s only creator and mother. Ruby notices Yuku’s strange behavior during the party until she finds out he wants to marry her. The series is known for referencing pop culture from shows, anime, manga and movies.

Kanon In Ruby’s Body however is becoming more jealous on the Jewelpet flirting with him. Iruka Grand Prix Yay!: How will he finish the film and the same time, admit his love to Garnet? Mikage is happy to see Ruby and the others that he lets them tag along in the human world, at the same time making Kanon seriously angry. After Ruby and the gang obtained the Rainbow Jewel, they then received a call from Kanon back from Dragon Land, saying that everything has gone worse since they left. Daddy and mom who appeared suddenly……We integrate with the truth of revealed shock?

He chose Garnet to be the star of the film for her to be famous like Nyanjelina. Shouko and Angela were both in the Moto GP racing. During that night, Ruby and her friends noticed about Sapphie’s fear of ghosts.

Jewelpet Sunshine – EP 48 Eng Dub

Disappearing Jewel Bread Yay!: And will there be a way to switch their minds back? Iruka wants to punish Rald for not listening, but the students warn him about Rald’s secret, and that he may do something desperate. Later after Kanon failed, Ruby helps her with a little magic to impress Mikage. Unlike the previous two series, Jewelpet Sunshine has two episodes each on its half-hour run, sometimes some episodes follows a full minute episode.

Later that day, all 3 of them do serious hard labor and Kanon is in the point of both anger and hunger. However, Class ruby plum was not invited to exercise of graduation ceremony either. Ruby and Kanon however were going head to head with each other to create the perfect chocolate for their crush, Mikage but also their chocolates need to pass Sango’s taste test as well like the rest of the students.


But when Dian thanked her for her help and hugged her, Garnet felt embarrassed and worse, she had no idea that he has feelings for her. Meanwhile Ruby herself in seeing the flowers bloom along with her friends until they started to discuss about Jewelina.

However, Kanon walked in and defended Titana, making him admire Kanon. Both Jewelpets had a little talk about each other before they parted ways. A few days after the battle, everyone in the Sunshine Academy finally graduated as they all finally achieved their dreams.

They were all separated into four jewepet and they all rely on their wits to survive in the island. However, after Hinata accidentally tripped some of the laser sensors, they now got 5 Minutes to get that item before Iruka wakes up.

As they try to adapt and enjoy themselves in the island, while finding a way back to Jewel Land, each one of them were being watched by someone unknown.

List of Jewelpet Sunshine episodes – Wikipedia

Ruby cooperate and must follow peaceful jewel land! He then charmed the Dark Queen and goes for an attack, but failed as Master blocked his attack and goes full force.

Ruby and her friends decides to find the source of it and stop the Dark Magic from plunging Jewel Land into an eternal winter. However, the bizarre love chase between her and Tour continues until he confessed his feelings to Ruby, shocking Mikage a bit.

Older brother reko TV We are delivering “fruit basket” “slayers” special feature time for a limited number! Next year will be the Year of the Dragon and Ruby is worrying about her luck, even to the point that she is about to go crazy on not getting a Lucky Set.

Feeling curious, Ruby’s friends then asked everyone more about their ruler, bur it didn’t turned out well as they expected. During that night, he explained to Mikage about his lucky day and how Garnet answered him yes. As she dies in Mikage’s arms while revealing her other ring on her paw, now how will the twins stop the Dark Queen without the Jewelpets?


Jewelpet Sunshine: Episode 48

Ruby and her classmates must do everything they can to graduate, enduring a lot of tests and hilarious situations thrown at them and for Ruby, putting up with her annoying roommate Kanon while sticking together through thick and thin. Later on, the Jewelpets were in a special briefing explaining about the Jewwlpet Jewel Magic that happened during the last few days and how they can be connected. Ruby herself is also shocked on Kanon and Mikage’s shrouded pasts.

Kanon and the Wunshine decides to do everything they know to convince Hinata to do their homework. Will they ever get the Rainbow Jewel sunshne unite both kingdoms once more? What is Phantom M-Kage’s true motive? Everyone in Jewel Land went to the church to pray for their good fortunes and their wishes, not knowing that Jewelina is keeping her eye on each and every one of them.

One of their classmates came and warned them about Phantom M-Kage and another case of the Dark Jewel Power surrounding him, explaining why Mikage is absent in the previous days. Ruby which has been going to fight against dajo-like dark jewel army corps to lead to keep peace. Back to Kanon and her group, the somehow failed to get some clues but notices a lot of Jewelpets affected by the Dark Jewel Magic as the battle continues.

The next day, everything is back to normal Jewel land is destroyed by breast beam; crunch!

Hinata dreams on becoming a Nursery Teacher after she graduates from College.

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