Make the information on this image better by adding what you know. The blank sales receipts, though printed after the move to 23 Praed Street circa , possibly pre-dated the appearance of Jeffries duets. The property at 12 Aldershot Road suffered through the Blitz. We do not, however, have an example of an instrument with handwritten 4-digit number. There is no evidence that Charles Jeffries was tutored in any way by Jones, and the occupations declared on official documents suggest the opposite. In addition to the more plentiful Jeffries-system duets, a few Jeffries Bros. Jeffries key concertina, White Lion Passage Fig. Jeffries on 4 September Horniman Museum For a time, Thomas Jeffries supposedly built a few concertinas, upon which Tommy Williams commented as follows:

Crane-system duet concertinas have surfaced. On the supply side, the war would have caused difficulties in production, especially when employees were called to service and when materials were in short supply. Addresa A 8 In his late 70s, Thomas Jeffries still occasionally harkened back to the Praed Street days. The key raised-end duet concertina shown in Fig. Later bellows tooling has a gap at the center.

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AND anoils i I year: We are afraid this is the only information we can give as no other details are listed in our book. In between, at No.

We also thank Margaret Birley, the library staff, and those who are responsible for the concertina collection at the Horniman Museum. Tribunegraving plant: The key diagram was drqma as follows: Instruments of Period 4 often have thicker cut fretwork than those of earlier periods. Crabb and Sonsee Mark W.

TotsLaB urea; Freakllu moots: Unusual Jeffries instruments in the Horniman Museum Collection include a key instrument with wood fretwork and a key instrument with metal sides, as well as metal fretwork. In an unpublished interview from the s, Harry Crabb said that John Crabb, his grandfather, had built the early Jeffries concertinas, but that Jeffries had some other supplier for the reeds.


The production and sales staffs are thought to have consisted of Jeffries family members 4 and other employees who assisted with concertina building, reed tuning, or more menial tasks.

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The Jeffries firms were family operated. Many of the duet concertinas were made later, under the auspices of Jeffries Bros. All models were fitted with quality steel reeds that produced the sweet tone for which the Jeffries concertina became famous. Jeffries, Maker, at least in the early days.

Cook Ce Real Rotate Bordn: Room Sit Pfa H ndolnh Carr, sold on Ebay in Septemberthe seller provided the following information: The key raised-end duet concertina shown in Fig. Charles Jeffries jnr, like Jeffries Bros. Jeffries key concertina, White Lion Passage Although the comments of Crabb family members 10 and Tommy Williams point to Crabb as the maker of early Jeffries concertinas, a few early Jeffries instruments have many characteristics of early George Jones concertinas.

The Man and His Family. Jeffries bellows appears to have involved two operations of a single pattern stamp. The use of the same end stamping method on some wood-fret instruments suggests that they were also part of the Jeffries product line during the same period.

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Some raised-end concertinas made by Jeffries Bros. Catch up on your reading of late 19th-century trends through these historical pages.


Yours faithfully Dramw Crabb Geoffrey Crabb has indicated that he does not have manufacture or sales records for the Ball Beavon concertinas, but he has provided a Crabb sales record for Ball Beavon cases see Fig. However, fancier metal-fret instruments also carried the C.

On the demand side, it has been assumed that the concertina market was drained by the war, as many concertina players marched off to the trenches. We have tried to provide credits likee photographs obtained from outside sources, and we will welcome fuller information for credits.

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The only way to obtain an approximate date for a Jeffries instrument is from its features; there are five periods of Jeffries-family-made instruments, dating approximately from toalthough there are overlaps between these periods. We do not, however, have an example of an instrument with handwritten 4-digit number.

Ball, Beavon, and Co. The metal fretwork on most Jeffries concertinas extends all the way to the sides of the ends, but exceptions exist.

Louis Lachenal began by making tools, concertina components, and entire concertinas for that firm. We had been misled by three sales receipts with the Charles Jeffries heading: Tribun, sad Lak Park and 61st av. Some Jeffries and Crabb concertinas, though almost identical in appearance, have intriguingly different sound qualities, usually attributed to differences in the reeds.

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