He is much closer to Nina and just wants to be friends with Joy although she wants to be more than friends. But Rufus soon learns that he has been tricked and threatens Vera to get him the real mask. Amber and Patricia then overhear that Victor has three reflectors and Vera overhears that the Sibunas have the remaining three. The Sibunas learn that Eddie had backup files on a USB drive, even though they tried to infect the picture files on his computer, so Nina dispatches her friends on different missions; Fabian has to try to convince Joy not to run the story, Patricia must apologize to Eddie, and Amber and Alfie must steal Eddie’s camera. They find the ox bell and take it to the tunnels, completing the task, curing them all. Nina realizes that the dollhouse is missing and Jerome gives the dollhouse to Jasper who calls the Collector about it. Rufus escapes and is confirmed to be the society’s antagonist. She does not get along with Patricia whatsoever but everyone else likes her.

Mara talks to Patricia in the girls’ bathroom about her liking Mick, and unknowingly to the two of them, Amber hears the whole thing — eventually being fed up. The students return after the holidays. Mara decides that she needs to make Mick break up with her so that he can go to a sports school in Australia. In the end, Joy just needs to be loved by someone who won’t hurt her because of who she is. Andrews in season 2. Sergeant Roebuck 2 episodes, Barbara Barnes Robbie 3 episodes, Cyril Nri Eddie doesn’t trust her but Harriet does and explains why.

Kt runs into Eddie a bunch of times in episode 1 of og 3, and which Eddie keeps trying to talk to her about seeing her in his dream but ends up upsetting her when he talks about her grandfather. Good, because it’s just the beginning.

However, as revealed by Victor Rodemnar, Sr. Alfie attempts to run, but Victor stops him. It is a race against each other as Sibuna and Victor try to outwit one another on the quest fo the Mask of Anubis that will lead to eternal life. Later, as Mick is leaving the house for good, Mara emotionally runs to him and they share a goodbye kiss.


Jerome Clarke episodes, Brad Kavanagh The night of the prom arrives, and Amber still doesn’t have a dress or a date, until “King Tut” reveals himself to be Alfie, with a dress for her that was stolen by Jerome. John Clarke is the father of Jerome and Poppy. He gained a crush on Mara and kisses her in one episode, however he told Jerome and Alfie that he was not interested, and made it sound like he castt she was boring.

It would be later revealed that Sarah’s parents were apparently murdered by Victor’s father, with Gustav and Isabel Zeno becoming her legal guardians, in order to force her to reveal the location of the Cup of Ankh as she was also a Chosen One.

Sweet learns that Eddie has the bracelet. He will need to if they are to finish the Task. Eddie and KT complete the task, defeating Ammut, and saving the hohse from total destruction. In the season finale, Eddie is revealed to be an Osirian, a descendant of the Egyptian god Osiris who is a protector of the Chosen One. At that time, before learning the truth, Nina and Fabian believed Victor to young Sarah’s guardian after her parents were killed.

However, after he attacks Mrs.

Eddie now anubi that Patricia is the sinner, but he doesn’t know that Fabian has just become one. She gives Frobisher a book that easily captures people’s souls. Nina hears some noises and goes up to the attic to examine.

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However, with help from Mara and Ms. As Alfie climbs up the chimney and gets his artifact, Frobisher hears and walks towards the chimney. They find out that the adults are trying to reawaken a sleeping Robert Frobisher-Smythe, with Denby being the “Keeper” [she keeps Frobisher in the tank room in the gatehouse her home on the school property ], Victor being the “Enabler”, and Mr. However, while searching for the Mask of Anubis, Rodemnaar fell through a trapdoor while playing Senet and died there, and the formula to the Elixir of Life was lost.


Gran was voiced by Barbara Barnes in the first season. Patricia lets herself out the next morning while KT is asleep, but later Willow finds KT and lets her out. At the end of season 2 she and Eddie begin their relationship. Jerome and Mara visit his father while Sibuna encounters a new danger at the chasm — swinging pendulums. Frobisher truudy to capture Eddie and sinners try to make him angry but Eddie tricks them and doesn’t become a sinner; Alfie provokes Fabian by saying he is not as smart as Mara and that Nina dumped him because he is not sporty.


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The race is on to find all of the reflectors and the clues lie in an incomplete Zodiac chart. Daphne Andrews 54 episodes, Frances Encell Now, the tunnels are his to explore without their interference.

Sibuna finds an antechamber and several amulets. When Mara is expelled after she posted her findings outline with Vera covering her tracks, Ms.

Senkhara then tells Nina her trudj “will be to punish. Fabian translates more of the message from the envelope. Mara is worried, and she wants to talk about Mick breaking up, but Patricia seems to no longer be able to make time for Mara — especially since she joins Sibuna. Sweet plans to steal the real ceremonial bracelet by setting-up Eddie. Alfie gets his blood test results back from the hospital which Fabian and Nina read when they sneak into Victor’s office.

Victor and Vera realize Alfie has tricked them and that he has the real amulet. Nina wakes to find herself in an underground cell, and she is not alone He becomes the fourth sinner of pride when Frobisher tricks him into admitting he was proud of himself for solving the House’s booby traps.

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