I cracked up at the ED. In the Japanese dub, did anyone catch the reference to the opening theme song “Motteke! I also didn’t understand what the deal was with the “drills”. I really liked it, as usual! And I mentioned it before, but the clerks are actually a mascot for the Animate store. I like seeing them explode.

And how bout that ending this week. God,please tell me how I survived to the 13th episode I just loved the references they had in this episode. What animes has Vic Mignogna dubbed? Subbed, is simply more convincing, and much more en joyful to watch. The Geass reference made me literally laugh out loud

Related Questions Can anyone reccoment a good engish dubbed anime series? Yep she is very detailed that Kona engpish she doesn’t even have to talk about in a direct way.

And how bout that ending this week. Hi there, I just laugh about my past 3 years of panic now. Also, Keroro Gunsou ftw. The clerks kinda resemble engoish. The legendary girl A scene was the best part. I just love how Kona-chan and Kagami bothers each other all day long.

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Need help finding an anime? Where Kyon is holding Nagato after the battle between Asakura Ryoko. BBCode Modified by netoelgrande, Jun 30, Your missing out, since they haven’t and probably won’t be dubbed. I don’t find them too funny either but they can have their moments. That ED was hilarious and the Keroro Gunso preview was a great addition.


I like that part at the end. For the best answers, search on this site https: I tend to miss her since she’s my favorite character. For all those who thinks cloaks are cool and elegant, join the SOC Brigade! Ha ha the counter scene where he used geass was awesome xD.

BBCode Hear the word. I also didn’t understand what the deal was with the “drills”. In the anime-store scene Kona is being watched from a sniper hiding in his tent jeejeje I never gurren remember when Miyu is on screen, but she is pretty cute too. The Anime Tenchou cracked me up!

WTF was with the ending? From the part where a friend of Kyon came in when Yuki was in the arms of Kyon after the battle with that other alien?? I’m really lucky that I’ve recently started watching Code Geass Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Free audio to end anxiety and panic attacks fast?

Jejeje Sebastian almost comitted suicide but no!! Yeah, the Legendary Girl A scene was thumbs up! The scene about Konata’s imagination for Kagami’s Valentine’s present.

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They took of their karaoke. Laughed at a few parts, and absultly loved the ed credits XD. That was a blast. XD Hmmmm was the song perhaps a reference to Haruhi?


He is a coward. I just realized my screenies prog was off and i lost all the screens i made: In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.

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God,please tell me how I survived gurrn the 13th episode Konata is so funny, kagami got excited when she said she was giving someone else chocolate. Some of the references were pretty clever though. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Their overreactions to banal situations never ceases to amuse.

It’s nice to see them show up, and I’m glad we got some Miyuki time. Too many good things to comment on. Those anime people in the store are so crazy, lol I had to laugh when they were looking at the money as she was taking it out, and then she was 3 yen short LOL. Report Abuse Never Abuse Kids. Fumoffu – 12 episodes FMP:

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