Each gym offers a contrasting culture. There still is a presence of pushy people. Needless to say I was so exhausted and sick by the end of an hour with a personal trainer that I never was inclined to sign up… but they also taught me a lot about how to use the gym beyond just a treadmill or other machines. They have over locations worldwide. Just food for thought. Plus they have lots of yoga balls and stretching mats so that I can do my personal pregnancy stretches.

I hope that makes sense. But, secondly, gyms are sacred ground. Now, as a disclaimer. You can jump in at anytime. No apology for it, just blaming me for taking a picture. Packages at Planet Fitness generally fall into two groups.

In a way, I feel very hesitant to make a sound while working out. Thanks for the good read!!

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When you are there late at night, you actually see janitors deep cleaning the floors and machines. Packages at Planet Fitness generally fall into two groups. I vowed to never go back. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I get to bring a guest for free anytime. So without any further adieu, here are my reviews with a few pro and con arguments for both gyms, I hope you find it useful …. I love the showers there. While there are a lot of positive things about Planet Fitness, there are also a number of negatives as well like anything in life, right?

Before last summer, you basically had to sign your life away to even gplds the gym.

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Too many awkward naked men hanging out in the spa. You can workout at any Planet Fitness around the country. Hence me comparing the two gyms. So then I bounced around, using my free 1-week memberships at a variety of other gyms.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Not an email… a physical letter. Oh, and every first Monday of the month they have free pizza and bagels. No apology for it, just blaming me for taking a picture. I also see them wipe down machines. Thus, eliminating any sales talk doing it in person. People tend to keep to themselves.

No individual TVs on the treadmills, but you can tune into one of about 15 TVs. But, cleanliness is a BIG issue for me. Last year I decided to supplement Firehouse Fitness by getting a gym membership so I could have a place to run especially to do speed workdo strength training and other general gym things.

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The clash is inevitable. There are a number of classes ie-yoga, spinning, etc. I had a couple of unpleasant experiences with corporate calling and emailing me notifying that my selfies and pictures were in violation and that I would have to stop or lose my membership. I wish they owned a parking facility and it was included in your vardio. The treadmills get used A LOT. It excludes bodybuilders and more intense athletes. TV has been a savior for me while on a treadmill or an elliptical or any other machine they have.

Well, except for the treadmills and strength training? Well, first, why not? Do you workout at any of these locations?

Sure, I am basing this off of the Bountiful locations, but since these are national cienma gyms I am sure you are going to icnema basically the same thing wherever you are. So I bring my Husband most often.


Planet Fitness Planet Fitness started back in when the founder purchased a struggling gym and then focused on dramatically low prices to compete against bigger gyms. Not a bad set up for a national chain gym.

One picture admittedly was not a selfie, it was a picture of a dirty bandage I found on a treadmill. Cons The culture can be intimidating, especially for beginners. They also have amazing stone showers golfs the rain head and spray heads in different places. The equipment is well maintained, especially the treadmills. There are not that many free weights.

The basic membership is month to month with no contract.

Golds Gym Downtown Milwaukee

Plus tanning salon so you can give yourself cancer. A winner must be determined, a cihema crowned. Sure, I could have handled it better, but so could they have as well. The hot tub is a great addition especially after a killer workout. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Each location is equipped with cardio and strength training vardio. Then on the other hand Planet Fitness really attracts the beginners, the Biggest Loser crowd and more of the common folk who just need a place to workout or run.

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