During the last four years, Sir, no bill having u definite programme of action behind it has been introduced in this Houmc. The information is given hy the District Magistrate, and I oould not say what time will be given. Ditto 32 Pumamaahi Rabidaa. Because the difficulty is there. The provisions that have been made in this Bill will improve to some extent the price of the agricultural produce which wyj be sold in the market. After that if you say that you want to proceed, then 1 shall consider the question of admissibility and allow the discussion Mr.

Monmohan Das, C Mr. Who w ill take that fact into fy nsiderat ion? Natural flushing it will certainly. Because of its importance, the city of Venlo was besieged several times. All the crime that the dealer may be involved in, legally, morally or in whatever other ways, is that the gentleman failed to intimate the news of transfer within fourteen days to the proper authorities. I think that in view of these assurances my friend will be in a position to ‘withdraw his amendinents. Yes; it is merely a change in the language and no amendment in substance.

There are numerous species in the fisheries which are dying ofl very fast indeed. I also beg to move that tbe Ibmgal La ii! Sir, from the Statement of Objects ami Reasons, as embodied in the printed Bill itself, at first sight it would appear that the previous Bill has been dropped and an entirely new Bill has been framed. Therefore 1 submit that by releasing these properties by the Court of Wards the activities of the zamindars may job confined to managing their own properties instead of disturbing the public life in this way.


Thin will not do any good lo the oppre.

It was necessary for the time being. Rabu Oubundra Nath, fdbar, Mr. All right, you move both the umendinents Nos.

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M yi fie tiding h. Their grievances are very real and hard. After hearing the Prime Minister, I will give my niliag.

Thirdly, 1 would refer to the statement that wa. The success of party Government depends upon the ability of each party on the assumption of office to feel that its power is a trust, not on behalf of any particular section of the community, but of the community as a whole.

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I have explained in my introdiictr ry speech why the other Bill had to be withdrawn. IIT members support the adjournment motion and epp to admit it. Mirza Abdul Hafiz, 8 Mr. Filling up of casual vacancies in certain Union Boards in Tippera district. I pi ay, Sir, that if may be taken up day after to-raorrcrw.

I move this amend- ment in order to provide against such practices. He was complaining of the colossal incompetence of the. It is no use. Sir, I commend my motions to the acceptance of the House. It is mentioned here, namely, rioting, assault or use of criminal force to deter a public eervant from the discharge of his duty. Sir, as regards unicntlnient. I am sorry that I cannot see eye to eye with what iny honourable friend, the mover of this Bill, has said.

Sir, I opinise all the amendments. My apprehension is that fte HoiPlde Mr. I also gave iioliie of amend- ment No. Akaal Alla, Maataaa MA. Ahmad Hussain, 8 Mr. What was the necessity of this sub-section P Mr. Government has successfully localised the whole disturlmnoe and has not allowed it to spread to other parts of the country. My only Answer is that a witness is a witness. Sir, I now come to the very unfortunate occurrences that took placein some of the villages of Dacca.


It will not be -difficult to disjHxse of the amendments in one day.

Hi flm If the answer; to 6 is in the aftinnative, will the Hon’hle Minister he pleased to state the rate of such limit P d If the answer to 6 is in the nefrative. Under what jirinciple and under what policy tran lovern- niejit think of such an idea, I cannot imagine.

Will the Honble Minister be pleased to state since when were armed police forces posted in the village of Adampur? It has been talked to a sickening point, and so 1 will not deal with that any more.

As Q matter of fact, 1 have to hear him a. The Deputy Inspector-deneral of Polit’e. Here the fisheries in Hengal supply us with the opportunity of develop- ing actually an industry which will bring large amountH of money to the pockets of the peojde, to the fishermen, fiilm the industrial workers who ho he tonpIoNed in this ] aiticular hraiich of indusirv willi ail the auxiliary and.

Guha, aged 23 years and 3 months.

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