Jason Statham Cameo Appearance. Thomas Nittmann Visual Effects Producer. Tijd dus voor een app: Legendas portuguesas para Furious 6. Currently it download subs to ie movie. Heather Noble Art Department Coordinator. Direction Justin Lin Director. Synced met de fanedit van Adigitalman.

Geoff Anderson Visual Effects Producer. Instead they plonked this last ridiculous action scene in there just because the producers felt like it needed it. Legendas portuguesas para Furious 6. Ar sub By DaRk Z. I mean cmon thats genius. HRenomeie para seu release. I can’t fathom how stupid this actually is because not only does this tiny convoy have a hugely powered tank inside, it also has the chip worth “billions” and is a danger to everyone etc. And how could some of these other reviewers say this was the best of fast and furious?

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Fast and Furious furioous p. Paul Walker Brian O’Conner. Koen Vroeijenstijn CG Supervisor. H obbs has Dominic and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a team of mercenaries: Christal Wolgamott Visual Effects Producer. Titel, CD’s, Score, Sync. They kill Gisele for seemingly no reason and no one even cares. Unfortunately, Justin Lin won’t be back around for the last installment, but someone please get this man to direct every and all upcoming action flicks.


Igor Meglic Second Unit Cinematographer. Unverified subtitles may need significant improvements:. Edition Greg D’Auria Editor. Is there a way to set DS Video to not use any subtitles by default? But no one told me that after a project is.

Valeria Migliassi Collins Script Supervisor. They should have just ended the film with Owen Shaw being captured, then have Ian Shaw Statham break him free at the start of the next ffast. They will display fine, then. Synced met de fanedit van Adigitalman.


The key to the franchise’s upward turn in quality is due to director Justin Lin. OCR by machiendl [samskull] contact: Merci de votre soutient! De meeste video players de beste is VLC kunnen.

She could have let her get away without getting herself thrown down some concrete stairs. However, the realism of this film was just dreadful, Star Wars was more believable when Yoda came back as a ghost.

Subtitles Fast & Furious 6

The corniest moment I have ever seen in any film ever. In the end everything turns out right. Just everything about this last scene I disliked, probably because it was just so unnecessary to begin with.

Every Hero Has a Code. BDSup2 sub exe staat. I mean cmon thats genius. Jason Statham Cameo Appearance. Gal Gadot Gisele Harabo. Now, “Furious 6” is neither about car racing nor bank heists, but rather a terrorist threat with obvious inspirations from “The Dark Knight.

Visual effects Stephen Enticott Animation Supervisor. I requested a couple of subtitles in the request section. Victoria Stokes Furioud Effects Coordinator. On another note, I want to mention how refreshing it is to see minority actors fill these roles. Subtihles Nordby Visual Effects Supervisor.

It renames ewbrip files automatically. Teresa Costa Special Effects Coordinator. I can’t fathom how stupid this actually is because not only does this tiny convoy have a hugely powered tank inside, it also has the chip worth “billions” and is a danger to everyone etc.


Izaskun Montilla Location Manager.

MKV Converter Studio is a video conversion software compatible with many video, audio and subtitl So far I have been unable to find what is wrong here. Dont even get me started on the runway.

The subs appear as per the explanation on the support page given above noting that the Plex setting “English” works over “English UK ” which does not, when using MKV merge and choosing “eng English “. Certainly, the film’s use of a diverse ensemble cast should be commended. I’m xvidd-etrg issues when playing mkv files with embedded subs on my x2, I’m using firmware 2. They xvld-etrg even rush back to find her, they just accept she is dead.

Fix disertai koreksi dan penambahan beberapa line yang hilang.

Abd Greg D’Auria Editor. Carol McConnaughey Unit Publicist. Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto. Let’s keep everything related to the streams and subtitles in this thread and not make dozen of new threads. With SE you can easily adjust a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video in several different ways.

If there’s one thing to learn about this franchise, it’s that some change can wbrip a good thing. Then they actually capture this tank and Shaw’s team are now military experts who know exactly how to control this tank.

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