Her boss Govind argues that newspapers don’t sell unless they add generous doses of spice. Frustrated by Kamal’s disbelief, she rushes to vent her rage on the real culprit Madhavi ridiculing her obsession with upholding traditional family values. All shows of Zee TV. But Madhavi is stunned that Govind raised such a hue and cry merely to take his revenge on Sulakshana for calling him an alcoholic. Savitri’s character is essayed by Seema Kapoor from this episode! As time goes by Dayal recedes more and more into his shell. However, Sulakshana suggests that they carry on their association in a clandestine manner by meeting in another city! She returns home to find Madhavi disconsolate as Govind is late as usual.

Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books. Madhavi makes life so miserable for Savitri that in a fit of frustration, the latter suggests she removes all traces of Sulakshana by replacing the entire blood flowing through her veins. Madhavi cautions Savitri to keep the skeletons in her cupboard like Sulakshana’s affair with Kedar away from Shyam’s knowledge as men, in her experience, rarely forgive such a woman. Next morning, Dayal is woken up by the milkman’s cries and he breaks down after reading Sulakshana’s farewell note stating she has left for good with Kedar. Hasratein – Episode 4 – Full Episode. She departs in the dead of night latching the front door from outside. See what’s trending now.

Dayal obliges but suffers from severe pain in his chest as he touches the high notes and is rushed to hospital by Uma’s father Hasragein Kumar.

Dayal clarifies her doubts by telling her that Kedar hadn’t accompanied him to Pune at all as he was with e;isode in Delhi. Hasratein is a bold story of Savi, who leaves her husband and maintains an extra-marital relationship with another married man.

She succeeds in her mission as Savitri dissolves her differences with Shyam amp; takes Madhavi to the flat selected by Govind. Vishal drops yet another bombshell by offering Uma a role opposite him in his film as a child artiste on verge of maturing sreial an adult.

Hasratein – | Watch Hasratein (Hindi) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Consequently, she requests Madhavi to at least get her married so that she can lead her own epislde on her terms. The 91st Academy Awards isn’t the first year the show won’t have a host, but it will be the first time since the Snow White and Rob Lowe incident.

Sulakshana’s abrupt departure brings about a sea-change hasratrin Dayal’s mood and he’s palpably depressed all the episoe. Day of Satish’s HSC Exams arrives since both Savitri and he try to ring each other at the same time; they are frustrated as their calls clash! But once she returns home, she’s rudely disturbed by someone knocking furiously on the front door.


He lands up dutifully at Govind’s office the next day full of apologies but Pandit undaunted, by one failure suggests another match! They will be staying at his aunt’s place and then fly straight to Bangalore the day exams get over. The serial takes a leap of six years and Savitri grows into a mature lady Seema Kapoor who’s unhappy with Madhavi for not having sent her to college as yet!

Elated, on being allowed to enroll in college, she rushes to complete the formalities of admission running into Shyam Varma Dharmesh Vyasone of the most popular lecturers of P. Neither is she moved to tears at her ‘School Farewell’ function like sreial classmates for her tears were exhausted during her childhood thanks drwma the constant fights between her parents Sulakshana and Dayal that she was a mute witness to.

Hasratein – Episode 19 – Epidode Episode. The high-voltage dtama actually begins in real earnest once a snubbed Govind spots Sulakshana check in to the same hotel with Kedar. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Malati Sinkar’s brother and Savitri who still has vivid memories of Satish flaming in her mind puts her foot down and refuses to entertain any further discussion about this alliance.

HSC results are announced in the newspapers and quite naturally, Savitri and Madhavi pore over the merit list looking for Satish’s name once Govind draws their attention to it! Hasratein – Episode 2 – Full Episode. Savitri’s stunned to discover Vishal as her partner amp; tells Madhavi about the raw deal he gave Uma 6 years ago. Govind starts ignoring Anita in retaliation to her rejecting his amorous advances at Khandala and even appoints a new personal secretary but Anita creates a hue and cry!

Sserial Hindi Movies and Shows.

Savitri meets Uma and she’s stunned to know that even Kumar has succumbed to pressures of social stigma deciding not to pursue Vishal for an explanation if not an apology. As Madhavi passes on this news to Kamal it is received in sheer disbelief.

Hasratein – Episode epjsode – Full Episode. However, a major shock awaits Uma! Dayal wants to treasure the precious moments spent in her company and recreate the past through them. Hasratein – Episode 12 – Full Episode.

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Madhavi does her best though she doesn’t appreciate Govind’s idea of celebrating his freedom from Sulakshana at long last. Audible Download Audio Books. There is an eerie silence in her home with Madhavi and Govind still reeling under the shock of Satish’s sudden death that has resulted from the inhuman, incessant mental strain Hastatein had subject him to especially in his last year after Savitri entered his life.


Madhavi confronts Sulakshana who retaliates by accusing her arranging a match for her with a man 20 years older! Savitri follows Govind wearing a hasratrin in addition to spectacles but finds nothing untoward in his behaviour except his attempts to hold her hand and grow intimate with her. Drwma, Madhavi decides to break the news of Kedar’s illicit affair with Sulakshana to his newly married wife Kamal Jayshree Godbole but she reacts hysterically.

Dayal is admitted to the ICU, put on Oxygen with strict restrictions put on visitors by doctors treating him. Hasratein – Episode 20 – Full Episode. That comes as a shock to episodf as she has virtually grown up in Madhavi and Govind’s care.

Manasi introduces Jaman Thakkar Mukesh Rawal as her latest epjsode mp; stuffs a piece of cake in his mouth as he’s about to protest! Govind instructs Madhavi to pack his ‘Lucky Suit’ as his company has organized a business conference at Khandala Hotel.

Sulakshana is taken aback by Madhavi’s silence on this occasion but she plans to leave along with Kedar and begin a new chapter in their life.

Shyam’s colleague Mishra Vijay Mishra can’t help but notice the rather obvious attraction generated in him by Savitri who phones up Madhavi in desperation as she’s falling short of cash required for admission and threatens to approach Govind if she fails to part with it as well as a passport size photograph.

She request Savitri to shadow Govind and unearth the truth. Examinations his first step towards becoming a doctor. Savitri concludes bitterly, they are born in the womb of fear and tells Uma of her own abortive love affair with Satish just because Sulakshana had once eloped with Kedar. He believes in the concept of ‘Live-In’ relationships in sharp contrast to Uma.

Sonal is thrilled to find the name Sinkar but that topper’s name is different as is his school.

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