DVD release ironically billed as the “Director’s Cut” were issued only with this audio track. Andrzej Zulawski Berlin Wall. It seems to start as a depiction of the unraveling of a dysfunctional marriage, but that is only after you’ve been treated to extensive shots of the Berlin Wall and the memorials for the people who died trying to cross it. This is our biggest Limited Edition yet, with a shipping weight of 2. Other extras include a minute making-of documentary, a long video-interview with Zulawski, and a minute talk with a translator of some of Zulawski’s books, who shares his experiences of working closely with him. In Possession , Marc and Anna are not so lucky. Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. The Lord of the Rings:

The Other Side of The Wall: Possession Blu-ray, Audio Quality. How to Train Your Dragon: The First Avenger 4K. As Possession is sometimes hard to comprehend, Zulawski pointing out themes and details sure enriches a repeat viewing. Front Back Slip Slipback. All in all this makes Possession an interesting film, but one which is hard to love.

It took us 3 years to convince the rightsholders but persistence finally paid off.

You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Possession possesion the search box below. For me it very much captures the feeling of that time in the early eighties, when we in Western Europe could almost see the wall for ourselves it was just a few hours drive to the Eastand a nuclear apocalypse with the Warschau Pact seemed an unavoidable certainty.


In the early ’70s, the frustrated Zulawski moved to France where he has been living ever since. Mondo proudly states this release features a 2k digital transfer, and that boast doesn’t look idle: February 25 Through its fire, it revives something that a lot of contemporary movies have lost: However, before he can contact Marc and let him know, something terrible happens to him. Thankfully, Possession is also filled zulaweki a bleak, black sense of humour, or it would have become unwatchable.

West Berlin looks like a tiny island of desperately retained normalcy, in a sea of suffocating oppression, and most of the windows in the film only show a view on the Wall, encroaching all actions and thoughts. Blu-ray user rating Video 0.

Possession [Mondo Vision] – Vinegar Syndrome

The die-cut window reveals the original poster art from the magnetic box once the slipcase is on. On top of that you get possessio cards, replicas of the US-release lobby cards and the Japanese flyer.

It is indescribably intense and truly unsettling. Andrzej ZulawskiFrederic Tuten Starring: The silver hot stamping theme is carried throughout the inside. Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? The posseseion are synchronized with your account at Blu-ray. Suggest a Film Contact Wishlist. In English, with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles for the main feature.

In PossessionMarc and Anna are not so lucky. The slipcase is fully wrapped with import European blue velvet.


Possession Blu-ray

So Tim and David thank you for being part of this. Clearing out the left compartment: Possession is the Polish director’s fourth feature film and without a shadow of a doubt his most disturbing one. The Other Side of The Wall: Director Zulawski had firsthand experience with this process but managed to escape the system before zu,awski was too late.

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Possession [Mondo Vision]

Silver hot stamping is used throughout the packaging to highlight the title and the zzulawski. This is by far our ra expensive production; the main intention was not to cut corners or go cheap.

Next person I would like to thank is Tim Gengler, the person responsible for the visual side of things.

Tim has put up with 5 years of my pickiness about every single detail of the design and packaging and I can’t be happier with the results. Mondo Vision have released Possession as a regionfree Blu-ray. Toufaan has excellent customer service and all other limited edition box sets of Zulawski’s work are still readily available from them.

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